What To Do If You’re Not Feeling Engaged or Stimulated By Your Job

What To Do If You're Not Feeling Engaged or Stimulated By Your JobPeople Looking Choosing at Colleagues Photo

There are plenty of people out there who do jobs that they’re not stimulated by. If you’re in that situation right now, don’t be one of the many people who do nothing about it and allow themselves to get stuck in a dead end job. There are plenty of things you can do if you want to turn things around and become more engaged by the job you do each day of the week.

But what about the concrete steps that can be taken? That’s what we’re here to look at right now. The ideas you will find out about below are all straightforward, and they’ll provide you with actionable ways to get more out of your career and be tested by it in a way that you’re not being tested now. So keep reading if you want to learn more.

Talk to a Manager or the Boss

First of all, you should go to your manager or the boss of the company you work for and talk to them about the difficulties you’re experiencing. After all, it could be the case that you’re not feeling engaged or stimulated by your job because the work being offered to you by those people is too simply and not testing enough for you. Or there might be other things that they can do to help you feel more engaged by the work on offer. It’s worth at least talking to them about it.

Stop Taking the Easy Route

In other instances, it might all come down to you as to why you’re not engaging with the work. Maybe you’ve got into the habit of taking the easy route when you should be going harder and pushing yourself further. It’s not always a good idea to work fast and get things done as soon as possible. By deliberating and putting more thought and effort into the work you do, you might be able to raise your standards and achieve more.

Learn or Train

It might be time for you to take a big step up in your career, and if it is, you might need to learn more or train for it before making it a reality. Everything from an evening course in an engineering niche to a healthcare administration mba that you do in your spare time is on offer. These days, learning in your own time and in your own way is easier than it’s ever been before, so get out there and explore the options open to you.

Change Your Approach to the Simple Things

The simple things often get overlooked and underappreciated when you’re doing your job. But if you start involving yourself in the day to day aspects of your job, you might find a way to start engaging with it once more. Get back in touch with the reasons why you wanted to do this job in the first place and your past reasons for enjoying it. It starts with the small things and then it can move onto the bigger aspects of your work.

Consider a Complete Career Switch

For some people, nothing other than a complete rethink of their career and what it should be about is enough to get them back on track. It might be the case that you’re not feeling engaged by your job because you’re simply not doing the right job anymore. Assess your situation and think about what you would ideally like to be doing to earn your living. When you have some ideas, you can start working towards them, and it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Get Inspired by Other People

There are plenty of people doing the things that you want to be doing, so if you need to some inspiration to get your own career back on track, start looking towards them. It could be exactly what you need right now. There’s nothing wrong with looking what other people have achieved and thinking about how you can emulate their success. Seeing other people succeed when you’re not succeeding can be inspiring or depressing, make sure you choose the former.

Take a Break and Come Back Refreshed

Taking a break from your work might end up doing you a world of good, so why not take some time off and get a bit of perspective on your career and what it means to you? When you do this, you will have a chance to consider its implications and come back with a clear mind. And that point you might choose to approach your work differently or maybe quit your job; that’s something that’s entirely for you to decide.

Work Shorter Hours But Harder Hours

The hours you work don’t necessarily say much about what you achieve through your work. You can work long hours and not get much of worth done. If you want to refocus your mind and get back to doing the best work in your career, you need to work less but do more. To put it simply, that means working shorter hours but working harder than ever before in the hours you do work. It’ll pay off big time if you get it right.

Collaborate with Your Colleagues More

Doing your job is not something that you should be doing alone. It’s not surprising that you don’t feel stimulated by your job if you spend all day isolated at your desk not communicating with anyone else. It’s much healthier to collaborate with those around you and have good working relationships with the other people in your office. In the end, it will certainly pay off and you’ll enjoy going to the office more each day. That’s exactly what you need so start building bridges.


Everyone feels down about their job and how it’s going for them from time to time. There’s nothing particularly unusual about that. What matters most is how you manage to bounce back and get back on track with your career. It can be done, so make use of the tips outlined above.

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