Your Guide To A Fresh Backyard Makeover

Your Guide To A Fresh Backyard Makeover


Your backyard may just be sitting there right now. But it is the perfect time to get planning for a backyard makeover that will give you a fabulous spot to relax, shade or even sun yourself this season. With a little thought, it could also provide you with the perfect entertaining space. Those scented candle nights with outdoor dining are not too far away! Get started on this easy project to make the most of them.

Clear your space

Get rid of unruly clutter. Drag the debris of the winter out into the light. Rake up broken twigs and sticks. Prune back overgrown hedges and bushes. Prune and cut back trees especially if you would like to bring some light into a shady or dark and damp corner. Stack up your bags and whisk them off to the tip or recycling center.

What would you like to walk on?

Most yards are either laid out to grass, patio or a mixture of the two. Grass can be wet and messy in the winter and take a lot of maintenance in the summer. Consider if you would like to go for a no maintenance option. That could mean extending the patio, with brick, tiles or concrete. Or, for a softer look, you could consider installing a deck.

A deck is easy to lay, and it means you don’t have clear the ground. You can simply lay matting and build over what is already there. This can be a great way to cover up an ugly concrete area too. Finishing your deck with a nice deep varnish or wood preservative can give it a sumptuous feel.

Patio doors that open onto the deck make it feel like another room in the house during the warmer months. A shade sail can be a useful way of protecting from strong sunshine during the hotter parts of the day. You could always consider adding a small conservatory at the rear of the house.

Wrap around the garden.

Good fencing can really make your yard. It will give you the privacy to enjoy your space without feeling overlooked. It also can clearly define boundary areas and give the garden a sense unity and completeness. Decorative fence panels are easy to install and soft on the eyes. You can choose between solid panels and those that have added trellis.

Installing planting for atmosphere.

Bringing in a few feature plants can help you create a balmy and soothing atmosphere. You could plant in some fragrant climbers. These could be encouraged up the fences and will make great displays along the trellis. It is important to keep these cut back once they are established. Honeysuckle and Clematis work very well. If you plant now, you will be in time to take full advantage of the bloom.

Garden furniture

You could spend a fortune on top ranges of garden furniture. There are some fantastic choices out there. Alternatively, you can buy one or two eclectic pieces and install a bench and rudimentary table. Either way, these are a great addition to your space.

Water features

There is something about the sound of running water that soothes and delights in a garden. Combined with sensitive planting even a small fountain can give you the feeling of a sumptuous exotic space. Smaller versions don’t need any special plumbing requirements. With a few lights hidden in the trees, you will be ready to start your outdoors season and give your guests a delightful space to come and relax in.

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