You Said Yes! Now What?

You Said Yes! Now What?


The proposal was magic, filled with memories of the past and promises of the future. Perhaps he asked the question at your favourite restaurant, or maybe he took you on a ride up into the air. He might have taken one knee at an incredible moment on a breathtaking vacation or perhaps just in the middle of a trip down memory lane.

When you saw the ring, it was truly mesmerising. It was everything you ever wanted, and as soon as it slipped onto your finger, you knew the answer was yes. The rest of that night, of course, is a blissful blur of earth shattering events that made it one of the best nights of your life.

But it’s the morning after when the fun really begins because then you have to start thinking about what happens next. You’ve said yes to the person of your dreams, so now what?

Well, you need to start thinking about the wedding, but that’s not the only issue to consider here. A lot of people get married before they live together so you may also want to consider when to buy your first home. That immediately leads to the question of whether you should spend a fortune on the wedding. On top of this, there’s the situation you’re each in. Even though you love each other, it’s possible that you’re at two completely different stages in your lives. It’s another thing to think about before the day when you say I do.

So let’s look at some of the questions you’ll be asking after you’ve heard the main one and figure out how it all leads up to your wedding.

Big Or Small?

These are really your only options when it comes to a wedding. You can either go grand or scale it back and make it a personal occasion. You might think that somewhere there’s a happy in between but there isn’t. Even if you plan for an averaged sized wedding, there will be people pushing you to spend more and more.

The benefit of a personal ceremony is that you’ll have more to spend on your honeymoon or what comes after the wedding. There are some easy ways to cut the costs down too. For instance, you can prepare and bring your own food rather than bothering to hire a caterer. Instead of hiring a hall for the reception, you can instead hold it in your back garden. With savings like this, you should still have enough money for the little parts that matter most to you like the dress.

As for the big grand do, the benefits speak for themselves. With the right planner, you can arrange the perfect wedding that you have been dreaming about since you were a child. So, how much you spend will ultimately depend on how much that day means to you.  

What Could Go Wrong?

There are lots of ways to protect yourself when you get married. For instance, you might want to think about double dipping with certain bookings. By doing this, you’ll provide yourself with a backup plan incase you find they have double booked part of your wedding. This happens more than you think because planners do make mistakes. Rather than leaving it completely in their hands, have a backup plan ready to go at a moment’s notice.

It’s not just about backing up parts of the plan either. You might want to have backup people. We hope you don’t fall out with your maid of honour in the run up to the wedding, but there’s no guarantee. Similarly, we hope your best man doesn’t come down with the flu a few days before, but it could definitely happen. Make sure that you have people in mind who could fill positions like this if needed. Don’t worry about them feeling like a second choice either. Remember, this is your special day.

There are more personal ways to protect yourself too. For instance, you can think about a prenup. What is a prenuptial agreement? It is a way to protect couples who are getting married. It’s wrong to think of a prenup as casting doubt on the validity of the wedding or the love you share. A prenup is more like a seatbelt. You’re driving the car, you don’t expect to crash, but you also don’t want to go through the windshield if you do.

Do I Need A Wedding Diet?

You might also want to think about how you’re going to look on their wedding day. Typically, girls want to look like absolutely princesses and boys want to ensure they fill out their tux in all the right areas. That’s why you may want to consider both going on the wedding diet. It’s actually not that uncommon for people who are getting married to hire personal trainers who will whip them into shape.

It’s not just about losing weight either. With a PT you can also make sure that you perfectly toned so that you look absolutely stunning in the dress. Don’t forget dress designers often have a certain body shape in mind when they design dresses. If you want to look absolutely perfect, you have to match it.

As well as working out, you have to get yourself on the right diet. Cut out all the junk food, adding plenty of fruit and veg. Don’t forget, when you eat celery you burn calories just by chewing it. So, add that to your diet, and in a few weeks, you should see real differences. You might want to treat yourself to sticking to your diet over a few months. Well, that’s what cake tasting day is for!

Am I Prepared For The After I Do Slump?

Finally, think about what life is going to be like after the wedding. It can feel like a little bit of an anticlimax when you start life together as a married couple. Particularly, if you’ve already been living together. And, if you haven’t been living together it can be even worse because you might not be used to their home lifestyle.

You should think about this before you say I do and make sure you are prepared. Try not to build up what it’s like to be married in your head because on the surface very little changes. The vows you share, the promises you make, they aren’t about a radical change. Rather you’re embracing what you already have and making an eternal commitment that will shape your life in grand and small ways.

Naomi Isted
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