You Need Fashion Forward Thinking For The High Life


You Need Fashion Forward Thinking For The High Life


If you’re living a lifestyle of luxury, you need to make sure you look the part. This entails selecting a brilliant choice for your wardrobe and fitting the bill when it comes to fashion. After your income rises to a certain level, you will be attending extravagant events. You might even be invited to different parties where you’ll rub shoulders with people of class and prestige. Wearing the wrong outfits or getting the dress code wrong could certainly put an end to your exploration of the high life. So, let’s think of some of the best ways you can choose a fashionable wardrobe that suits you.

Classy Or Tacky

There is a thin line between looking good and looking as though you are trying too hard to look good. It’s the difference between whether you a classically fashionable or completely tacky. Believe it or not, this difference is determined by your body shape. Unfortunately, if you have a certain type of body shape, some types of wear are simply not going to look good on you. It doesn’t matter how expensive they are or how much you want them. This is why you don’t see pregnant women walking around in slim cocktail dresses. It would look ridiculous, and if you are pregnant, you should instead be looking for maternity wear. Luckily you’ll be pleased to hear that designers such as Rachel-Zoe do make pregnancy wear. Check out the collection online and choose dress wear that suits you.

Look At The Celebs

Again, there’s a tricky line to follow here. If you’re choosing your fashion wardrobe based on what the celebs are wearing, you have to be careful. It’s true to say that a number of celebrities dress purely for the shock value. If you’re not careful, then you could end up wearing something ridiculous that will only be accepted if you have that level of authority. You should look for subtle yet beautiful formal and informal wear that they are seen in. It’s very easy to tell when celebrities are trying to make a statement. The media gravitate towards them and ensure that snaps are posted everywhere.

Formal & Informal

Don’t forget that you’ll need two wardrobes. One for business events and one for extravagant ostentatious parties. There will be a subtle difference between what you wear in high society and how you dress for business. Both events may be formal, and yet the outfits will differ. If you are attending an event, you should always check the dress code carefully. The last thing you want is to look like the odd duckling in the pond.

Season To Season

Finally, you should be changing up your wardrobe from season to season. Don’t forget that it’s not just the style that changes in the fashion world. The colours and shades alter too with pastel colours favoured during the winter months.

If you take this advice on board, you’ll always look incredible when you’re rubbing shoulders with the right people. Remember, once you reach a certain place in society, you will always be judged on what you wear. The good news is that if you climb a little higher and become a celeb, you can dress however you like.

Naomi Isted
Editor in Chief, Naomi Isted is known as The Ultimate Lifestylist to her readers and viewers. She is a TV Presenter and Columnist. Ranked in the Top 100 LFW Social Media Influencers AW14 & SS15, Brand Ambassador for Pears Soap UK. Her Celebrity beauty TV Series currently airs to 27million homes on Physique TV in UAE, previously on Wedding TV in the UK. She brings fashion and beauty advice to her readers and viewers on a daily basis. She is Fashion and Beauty Columnist for Herald Scotland and has a Fashion and Beauty Bridal Blog for HELLO. She can usually be found attending celebrity fashion and beauty events in and around London and sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends with her readers.

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