You Don’t Have To Worry About Turning Into Bridezilla If You Follow These Tips

You Don’t Have To Worry About Turning Into Bridezilla If You Follow These Tips

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We all know someone who has turned into a Bridezilla during the planning of her wedding. Not heard the term ‘Bridezilla’ before? It just refers to someone who wants to take complete control of their wedding. There’s nothing wrong with organising most of it on your own, but at times, it always helps to get other’s help. And if others help out, it’ll save you from looking like a control freak! So how do you stop turning into a diva Bridezilla? Hopefully, these following tips can help you stay level headed.

Start Planning Early On

Don’t wait until the month before your wedding date to start organising everything. You need to give yourself plenty of time to get things done. In fact, many couples start their planning at least a year in advance! If you take enough time to get everything done, you will be less likely to get stressed. Once you start planning, it’s a good idea to use a diary or planner to keep on top of things. Write down dates you want certain things done by.

Get Help From Family

Don’t feel like you have to take on all the tasks yourself. Why not get your bridesmaids to help out with some of the organisational stuff. After all, the traditional role of a bridesmaid is to help out the bride in any way she can! Ask your bridesmaids if the would be up for calling round venues to get quotes. They can also help with sorting out a wedding cake and catering for your reception. Your mother can also be a great source of support. There are a few things she should be good at helping you out with:

Let The Groom Do His Fair Share

Grooms often get off easy during wedding planning. But as it is his big day too, he should roll up his sleeves and get stuck into all the preparations as well! Leave him in charge of his suit. He can get it along with the best man’s suit at sites like He might need to be reminded that he will have to write a speech for the reception. Ask his best man to keep on reminding him so he doesn’t forget!

Leave Some Things To The Professionals

If you feel that all the hard work is becoming too much for you, don’t feel bad about calling in a professional wedding planner to help you out. You can give him or her as much or as little to sort out for you. If you are struggling to find the perfect venue, then hand it over to them to take care of. They can use their expert knowledge to find the venue of your dreams! Wedding planners can also help you iron out any issues you may have with scheduling your big day.

Feeling like there is a Bridezilla bubbling up inside you? Take a step back from everything and follow these tips. You’ll certainly feel much more relaxed!

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