You are Beautiful, No Matter What You Say

You are Beautiful, No Matter What You Say

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If you had to be honest, you would probably be the first to admit that you are not entirely satisfied with your physical appearance, whether it is your legs, the shape of your nose, or even your love handles. You would also be joining the long list of women who feel insecure about their body. Some are even considering cosmetic treatment to make them what they think is a better person. In truth, there are not many individuals who are pleased with their appearance, and even famous top models still find things to complain about. So it’s human to focus on the flaws, and you are not alone to feel like this! There are ways around cosmetic treatments, ways to learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws. Playing with your physical appearance is nothing new, and it can help you to find your lost confidence back. Are you ready to give it your best go? Here’s what to do to feel and look beautiful again.   

Skin And Makeup Tips

You may not like the shape of your nose, or of your eyes, but there’s something beyond these considerations, and it’s your skin. A healthy skin will truly make you feel beautiful. There is no magic potion for it: A healthy skin starts on your plate. A healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals from organic vegetables and fruits plays a significant role in how your skin looks like. This is without mentioning a healthy lifestyle with enough sleep and plenty of water! But there are plenty of makeup tricks as well to make the most of your natural beauty. For a start, if you are using a makeup brush, always make sure to hold the very end of it. While this gives you less control, it also means that you’ll have a softer touch for a natural finish. With makeup, you don’t need to overdo it. Getting the basics right is all you need.

Hair Styling That Transforms You

After your face, your hair is next in line for extra care and special styling tips. It’s important to pick the right shampoo for your hair as this will keep it looking healthy and voluminous. Do limit yourself to two to three washes a week, and try to apply conditioner to protect your hair against the heat of styling accessories. When it comes to creating your own style, if you have medium to long hair, using curling irons and curling wands such as the one reviewed by Thats Foxy, can transform your appearance in a matter of minutes. You will find that the new volume that is added to your hair brings a sensual wave of femininity. Something to make him fall for you on a special night maybe?

Find Your Style

Finally, a lot of women suffer from being compared to super skinny top models. Even if you are slim and fit, it’s difficult to look attractive against a Gigi or a Chloe. Let’s not mentioned the curvalicious ladies, who suffer even more from this unfair comparison. The best way out of this vicious circle, for your sake, is to develop your own style. Don’t dress like in the magazines, but create your universe of colours and designs, and become your own fashion guru. You will soon find that buying the clothes that fit your shape and your personality is exactly what makes you beautiful. When no one compares to you, you are your own reference of beauty.  



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