World’s First Child To Child Kidswear Charity makes inaugural clothing drop

World’s First Child To Child Kidswear Charity makes inaugural clothing drop


Rockin’ Baby donates their first 2000 items of clothing to impoverished children in Uganda. Rockin’ Baby, the new kids clothing company aiming to make a big difference to the lives of children in need across the world has made it’s first step to help desperate youngsters in Uganda. 2000 brand new items of childrenswear, including bright coloured comfortable shorts and t-shirts, have been handed out by the charity to villages across Kampala as part of their Child-to-Child Mission, in partnership with ChildFund International.

The drop has been made possible through sales of their first childrenswear collection, launched in Autumn Winter 2015. For every item sold, an item is gifted to a child in need across 30 countries globally.

Uganda, the location for the first clothes drop, is the start of a journey which aims to help thousands of families facing enormous challenges in their daily lives, a handful of whom were greeted in person by Rockin’ Baby’s founder, Kathryn Wiley, who wanted to understand first hand the results of their hard work and the need for the essential clothing.

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“It was an extremely humbling experience just to be finally sitting in Uganda with ChildFund and the local organisations that facilitated the trip. Before we’d even delivered the first batch of clothing we were told that the mothers of the children who attended the Early Childhood Development Center in which we were giving, had been sitting in a tent waiting for several hours. We hurried as fast as we could to greet them – anxious teachers, mothers and children who could not wait to receive something new. It was a very special day.”

“Approximately 85-90% of all Ugandan people wear used clothing. Clothing that has been passed down over many years. The first thing I noticed when I met the children was their school uniform. Dirty, full of holes, 2-3 sizes too small and barely on some of them. It was evident that since they are required to wear uniform for school, it was for most, the only outfit they own.”

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“It was wonderful to see how the new clothing uplifted their spirits. The children immediately changed infront of me, finally feeling good about themselves, no longer embarrassed about the clothing they were wearing.” Kathryn Wiley, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Baby.

Rockin’ Baby is originally known for it’s baby carriers and ‘Mother To Mother’ campaign, donating a sling for every one purchased to mothers in Haiti and Kenya. The company expanded the charity model to include childrenswear in last summer, with beautiful bright bold designs for newborns to ten year olds.

250,000 brand new items of clothing are being donated to youngsters across the world, with the next massive drop of clothes being coordinated by ChildFund to Ebola-striken West Africa later this month, followed by a giving trip to East Timor in the Spring, which will be joined by Mark Jeynes, co-owner of Rockin’ Baby.

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