Wonderful Wedding Venues- How To Choose Yours

Wonderful Wedding Venues- How To Choose Yours

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When it comes to your wedding, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is the venue. Not only is it one of the most expensive elements, but it provides the backdrop and theme for your entire wedding. If you

Past Couples Photos

One of your main reasons for wanting to choose a nice venue is, so you get beautiful wedding photos. One way you can see what kind of backdrop each place gives is by looking at past pictures on their website. And of course, view each place on your shortlist in person too. Are you after stunning flowerbeds, stone steps, beautiful buildings or gazebos? If you have your wedding at a chateau, then you have large private gardens as your backdrop. Spend some time going through past pictures to make sure it matches up with the vision you have for your big day.

Is it Easy to Find and Access

Often for weddings friends and family will be coming from different places in the country or even elsewhere in the world to attend. For this reason, you might want something that’s easy for them to find and access. Choose somewhere that’s not too far from main roads or public transport, plus if any of your loved ones use a wheelchair, it makes sense to find out how accessible it is for them. Parking is another thing to check out, you will want to see if there’s a charge for this. In general, find out how easy it is for people to get to, as well as get in and out of the venue.

Overnight Stay

Again something that will be useful for guests, as well as your stay as the bride and groom, would be a venue that has overnight stay or at least has a nice hotel nearby. That way guests can book this in advance, and on the night of your wedding don’t have to worry about making their way all the way back home. Pre-booking some taxis to take guests to their accommodation is also worthwhile.

Food and Drink

Finally, you will need to find out the situation with food and drink. Will you book a package with your venue that offers this? Or will you hire third-party caterers or even sort the food and drink yourself as a way to save money? Venues often include things like the hire of a cake knife as well as serving when it comes to cutting your wedding cake. Plus if you choose a catering package with the venue they will have servers, cutlery, crockery and everything else that you don’t have to sort. This is definitely something to be thinking about during the planning stages, it will help you to narrow down the perfect accommodation and find out which will suit your tastes and budget.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when booking your wedding venue. It’s such an important element of your wedding planning, so do lots of research and visit places of interest in person.

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