Wonderful Ways in Which Technology Has Changed Our Lifestyle


It’s easy to take the gifts of technology for granted when we’re using it, but it’s only when there is a power cut or our Wi-Fi gets disconnected, or our phone’s battery dies, that we realize how much technology continues to affect our lives. There’s so much we would never have known without technology, so many innovations which made lives easier and helped find cures for dangerous diseases. The truth is, much of who we are today is due to technology. We all love technology for what it has given us, so let us look at a few wonderful ways technology has changed our lifestyle.

Disaster management becoming easier

With the recent turmoil caused by disasters in the world, keeping situations under control became a very difficult task to be undertaken by humans. However, in the past few years, technological development in the disaster and relief field has come up with beta AIs to try and predict such disasters. Companies have made efforts to address the need for a durable shelter with inflatable shelters with steel doors, which can be set up in an hour by two untrained persons. Such advancements are truly remarkable and represent hope for humanity.

Knowing the space and the universe

NASA is known to have harnessed technology which gave a large amount of insight into outer space, the atmosphere, the solar system, and the universe in general. Without the available technology, mankind would never know how many planets are in the solar system, how the Moon is related to processes on Earth, and so much more. What is beyond the universe? What kind of life exists on Mars? Even now, technology is attempting to answer a number of questions such as these.

The internet becoming a part of life

The internet now has options and solutions for everyday problems, study guides and research for academics, physical and mental health forums, and boundless information for the most novice user. Via the internet, we can now keep in touch with loved ones easily, which is a relief compared to the agony and anxiety faced by the letter generation, who had to wait months for any communication. The internet has also provided the option of e-retail, which is quickly gaining popularity amongst different societies and age groups. Apart from being convenient for the aged and those who cannot leave home, e-retail has also made it easy to access items which may not be found locally.

Enjoying enhanced security

Technology has also helped law enforcement institutions provide enhanced security measures, and is vastly helpful in solving homicides as well as capturing criminals.  A number of checking and surveillance systems have been aided and enabled by the use of technology all over the world.

The list of good things technollogy has bestowed upon us could go on and on, but these are certainly the most colossal leaps it has taken through the past few years. There is certainty of technology helping mankind even more in the future, but it remains to be seen exactly what changes that brings about.


Naomi Isted
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