Why You Haven’t Quit Smoking Yet

Why You Haven’t Quit Smoking Yet

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You’ve probably said to your friends and family that you want to quit smoking. But why haven’t you done so yet? A lot of people will try to put themselves off of smoking by thinking about the harm that comes with the habit. But this isn’t always enough, clearly! You should also look carefully at the reasons you’re still smoking; we’ve got a few theories you may want to consider.

Smoking is your friend

This sounds weird at first, but the fact is that cigarettes are there through thick and thin, day or night. Whatever joy or pain features in your life, there are cigarettes in your pocket that won’t let you down. They don’t talk to you. And, unlike everyone else, they don’t pester you to quit smoking.

I’ll say the obvious thing here: cigarettes aren’t helpful to you in any way. They’re the Brutus to your Caesar; they’re going to kill you eventually. Try to remember this. Nicotine is a stimulant, so it doesn’t really help you calm down. People often feel the calming benefits of smoking because they’re outside and taking a break from what they were doing before. It has less to do with the cigarette itself than you might think.

It’s still advertised to you

Adverts for e-cigs are common, but the people in the adverts often just look like they’re smoking a real cigarette. At this juncture, it may be better to succumb to the lesser evil in order to help you quit entirely. Many are convinced they won’t get the kick they need from an e-cig, or a ‘vape’. To an extent, this is true. But you can get varying strengths of nicotine rush. If you want, you can even get tobacco-flavoured vapours. Most people go for the fun ones, though: cherry, vanilla, mint, banana toffee chews. (Yes, you read that last one correctly.) Consider having a browse through different vape flavours. If you’re at all curious about any of the flavours, just go for them! They can ultimately help you quit the real cigarettes.

Cigarettes are also still being used to mark cool characters in the media. Though the popularity of this is certainly waning, it’s still a struggle to watch these things and not reach for a cigarette. It’s certainly not a good idea to watch an episode of Mad Men when you’re trying to quit smoking.

It’s access to a club

People often smoke with friends. For many, it was the shared experience that helped them become friends. As many know from personal experience, that “social habit” quickly turns into addiction. At work, going outside for cigarettes with your colleagues is a great way to get to know them over time. It feels like you’re in a club – and if you quit, then you lose your membership.

The problem here is that pretty much everyone in this little group may feel the same way. The fact is that this is a vicious cycle that one of you are going to have to break at some point. So talk to them about it! Maybe you should try being the trendsetter – make the others in your club feel guilty and health-conscious by quitting. If they’re wise, they’ll join you soon enough.

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