Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?

You only have to look at the personal gift and card companies that crop up to see that we’re a nation obsessed with putting our faces on things. Okay, that’s a little unfair. It may be better to say that we’re a nation obsessed with adding meaning to everything possible. But, it’s not only trinket gifts that can enjoy a personal touch. When better to add that meaningful flourish than on your wedding day? Your big day is all about you, after all. Make sure your guests know it by following these steps to the personal wedding of your dreams.


There’s no better way to get personal than to include pictures of you and your partner in your big day. You don’t have to overdo this, but a few touches, like the banners found at will look lovely. They’ll be a fantastic way to remind yourself of your love when it matters most. Not that we think you’ll need reminding, of course. But, it can’t hurt! You could even have fun with this, and print personal bottle labels, or placemats. It may be the only time you’ll have that amount of people eating on top of a picture of you! Plus, it’s sure to make your guests laugh. They could even take these additions home with them as a nice reminder of the day. 





Despite all the party planning and decoration, the vows are what matter on any wedding day. Saying them is the deed you’re there for, and the part that you will think about for years to come. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional option. In fact, if you’re nervous, that may even be best. But, if you feel brave enough, why not turn your hand to get personal with your vows, too? A wedding is a time for romance, and nothing is so romantic as committing to your partner in your words. If you’re struggling for inspiration, there are many fantastic examples out there. For the most part, though, look into your heart and see what’s there. You may find that the perfect words come easier than you expect. It can help to think back on your relationship and mention the moments that meant most to you. Don’t make it too long, though! 


Getting crafty with your decorations is a more subtle way to make your mark on the day. Remember that you’re going to have enough to think about, without this added pressure. But, if you think you have time, crafting your decorative pieces can save a lot of money, and look amazing. Get inspiration on sites like and see if you can add a personal edge to your picks. Remember that these decorations don’t have to be perfect. You want your guests to see that they have been made with love. Don’t stress yourself too much if they don’t turn out how you imagined. You made them, and that’s what really matters.  

Naomi Isted
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