Which makeup colours complement your complexion?

When it comes to choosing makeup, one of the main things to consider is finding colours that match your skin shade, eye colour, and lip colour. Here are some tips to consider before you go shopping for some new products.

Determine your skin’s shade

The first step to figuring out your skin’s true shade is to determine your undertones. You’ll have probably seen the words “cool,” “warm” and “neutral” when you’ve been shopping for makeup, this refers to the undertone of your skin and therefore which foundation shade will match your skin the best. People of all skin colours can have cool, warm or neutral undertones. Look at the inside part of your arm where you can usually see the underlying colour of your skin, here’s how to differentiate:

Cool: You have hints of bluish, pink or a ruddy complexion.

Warm: Your skin is yellow, peachy or golden.

Neutral: You do not have obvious undertones of pink or sallow skin, but instead your skin’s natural colour is more evident.

Choosing the right foundation

Be aware that a foundation marketed to match your undertone will not always be the best choice for you. This is because certain foundations may make your skin appear overly-pink or overly-yellow. Your best choice is to select a neutral foundation that has a slight hint of your skin’s undertone.

Base eye makeup on your eye colour

If your eyes are blue….
Go for light, neutral tones and avoid anything that is overly dark. Shades like coral and champagne will complement your eyes perfectly. The Wild Wisteria mineral eyeshadow palette from Tropic Skincare is a great option for you.

If your eyes are green…
Lucky for you, your eyes will be naturally bright so you won’t have to rely on vivid colours to attract attention. Try a shimmery brown for a classic daytime look or a muted purple if you’re heading out.

If your eyes are hazel…
Metallics and pastels will work well for you, particularly dusty pinks. Try to avoid heavy smoky eye makeup that can draw attention away from any subtle hints of gold in your eyes.

If your eyes are brown…
Almost anything goes with deep brown eyes, particularly neutral shades like bronze. Define your eyes with black liner on the waterline.


Choosing a lipstick shade: the tips

When it comes to lipstick, the general rule is to go for a shade that is two shades darker than your natural lip colour and a great way to test this is to try a lipstick that looks good on you when you’re wearing absolutely no other makeup.

If your lips are thin, stay away from darker shades and opt for light-to-medium instead. Glossy lipsticks will also help to add plumpness.

Have some lipstick shades that you no longer care for? Instead of throwing them away, tone down the colour with a darker lip liner before application.

A lot of women believe that they don’t suit red lipstick. This isn’t true; you just need to find the right shade. Again, use your skin’s undertone to determine the best shade for you. A cool undertone works well with cherry red, fire-engine red for olive skin and deep red for dark skin.


Naomi Isted
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