When Life’s Troubles Can Take Over And What You Can Do To Combat It

When Life’s Troubles Can Take Over And What You Can Do To Combat It

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Sometimes life isn’t so easy. While these subjects can be difficult to talk about, more of us go through hardship than we think. Most of us, especially women, can be quite proud sometimes. Afraid to speak what’s on our mind. We just have this ability to keep on going, no matter what. Especially if we are moms. But sometimes, this is where we can let ourselves down. More often than not those women are fighting a secret battle that no one knows about. Not getting the help you need or deserve is doing yourself a disservice.

While I know this may not be happening to you right now, you may know someone who is struggling. Or perhaps you have struggled yourself in recent months or years. Life can often bring us trouble, as well as all the positive things that happen to us. With those troubles, we can feel a little lost. But don’t despair. I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of these issues and offer a few tips on how you can combat them. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are more common than we realise. This is partly down to the stigma that surrounds it, meaning not many people care to talk about how they are feeling. But this is a big mistake. Depression can be crippling, as can anxiety. It can stop you doing the things you love, feeling happy in situations. It can make you not want to leave the house in some extreme cases and can put your life on hold. Depression and anxiety can hit any of us at any point of our lives. For women, it’s more common to hit us during pregnancy or after giving birth. This is where are emotions and hormones are all over the place.

Help is out there if you want it. Talking can often help, and things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a great tool for working through those issues. Helping you find ways to control and overcome them. Mindfulness is also a real positive tool available at your fingertips. There are many resources online that can help you through positive thinking and mindset. Turning your negative feelings around and making your life happy once more. Depression and anxiety affect people in different ways, and it can happen because of anything. Try and work out what triggers it, and that is one step close to overcoming your issues. You will get through it.

Addiction to drugs

What may be seen as you experimenting or just trying something out, can turn into a full blown addiction very quickly. This doesn’t even mean the hardcore drugs that are illegal. This can be any kind of drugs like prescription medicine, painkillers or things you smoke. Many times you will find yourself in a situation because these stimulants block something out, or numb the pain. So for many people struggling with addiction, there is an underlying reason why.

It’s not pleasant to be going through it, or witnessing someone you love struggling. But there is help out there, and it’s just a case of having the motivation to seek it out and get better. You could seek help from this clinic, which could offer many different programmes you could follow. It’s not going to be an easy road, but it’s one you can accomplish.

Debt problems

One of the most secretive troubles that can take over anyone’s life is debt. There is a stigma attached to it, and many people don’t like to discuss their finances with anyone. Debt is becoming more of a problem to many people these days. This can be down to many factors such as rising cost of living, or just living beyond your means. It can be down to a lost job or a reduction in wage. Whatever the reason may be, this is one of those things that can keep you up at night worrying.

The best advice is to seek some help as soon as you can. This is before it spirals out of your control. The minute you own up to it being a problem, the better it will be for you to overcome it. Debt is one of the hardest things to admit, but once you establish there is a problem it can be one of the easiest things to solve. Managing your budget effectively and speaking to your bank about help is one place to start. Work out a plan of payments and stick to it. There are many resources online if you are wondering how to get started.

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Social drinking spiralling out of control

Like drugs, alcohol can become an addiction. What starts out as drinking socially in an evening, turns into every night. What starts as one glass of wine turns into the whole bottle. Again, this is normally to block out something else or numb the pain of something emotionally hurting you. While it may not be easy to spot this problem, it’s easily solved.

There is a big difference between heavily social drinking and having an addiction to alcohol. If you find yourself drinking a little too much then actively have days where you don’t drink alcohol. Many people work with the rule of not drinking Monday through to Thursday, and then enjoying the weekend. The main point is, if you can’t go a night without drinking then there is more of a problem that may need some attention or help. Again it might be as simple as working out your trigger point. Is there something that causes you to drink because you want to escape it? Knowing this will help you overcome it and have a more healthy relationship with alcohol.

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Marital problems

Finally, marital problems are a big factor and can be a big trouble in someone’s life. But likely you won’t know about it unless you are dealing with it yourself or someone has confided in you. Marriage is a difficult one, as only the couple can decide on what to do. If someone has confided in you, it would be good advice to suggest some form of marriage counseling.

If you are going through it yourself it’s more difficult. I appreciate there is so much emotion involved. Try and work through it with your partner.

I hope this has highlighted some of these difficult life troubles that we can all suffer from at some point in our lives. Try and remember that these periods are temporary, your life’s for living, and that is all that matters.

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