What You Need To Be A Home DIY Maestro

What You Need To Be A Home DIY Maestro


We’ve written on numerous occasions about ways to improve the home environment, most recently in a post on making sure your home is summer-ready. These kinds of efforts are important to a lot of homeowners, and particularly those who like to take a hands-on approach to repair and upkeep. But becoming a skilled DIY homeowner isn’t something that happens overnight or simply because you have a project in mind. There’s a great deal of experience and preparation that goes into mastering the basics of home DIY.

A lot of it comes down to developing know-how, and naturally each home improvement or upkeep project carries different demands. But here are some of the basic things you need to become something of a home DIY maestro.

An Arsenal Of Electronic Guides

The very idea of DIY work implies that you’re going to go it alone, and not rely on too much outside help or instruction. But don’t get too independent about things! Doing a job all on your own is perfectly satisfying even if you have professional instructions or tips on hand. A few years back one article took a look at 10 essential DIY apps (specifically for iOS devices, though some are available elsewhere), and looking through them you can get an idea of just how helpful some of them might be. From hanging curtains to laying tile and just about everything in between, there are tons of tasks covered. Having a few on hand can save you from seeking too much specific advice for individual DIY projects.

A Proper Toolkit

A home toolkit can actually be a surprisingly difficult thing to maintain, simply because you may not use it all that often. It’s easy enough to allow years to slip by without recognising that you need to update or re-stock the kit because the tools have gotten old, rusty, or lost—or you’ve simply run out of certain things. At the very least, you should have a set of wrenches and screwdrivers, a hammer and nails, measuring tape and protective goggles. But really, if your toolkit isn’t in great shape and you’re interested in performing regular DIY tasks, you may want to start from scratch and buy a fully stocked one.

Heavy Duty Tools

Generally speaking, a toolkit consists of what you can fit in a compartmentalised box or drawer, but for serious home DIY’ers, a little more might be needed. In particular, something like a table or pillar drill can be a vital accessory for some more heavy duty jobs, as such a tool can be invaluable for a smooth finish and safe working. Likewise, having a few larger power tools (such as electric sanders, power washers, bandsaws, etc.) on hand, perhaps in a garage or tool shed, enables you to take a DIY approach to larger home projects and repairs.

Painting Experience

Experience is needed for any home DIY project, but it can surprise some people how often painting comes into play. A lot of repair jobs—whether you’re rebuilding a bookshelf or knocking out a wall—result in a need for a painting touch-up. Any time you significantly alter or build upon your home, you’ll likely need to do some painting to help everything blend in. And while this is not too complex a job, it helps to have some experience. Therefore when possible, try to find smaller jobs that enable you to learn the ropes a little bit. Painting isn’t too hard, but you have to develop a feel for brush strokes, when to add a coat, when primer is required, etc.

Crafting Experience

Similar to the idea of finding projects that enable you to practice painting, it’s always a good idea to undergo artistic projects that might enhance your general DIY know-how. There are seemingly unlimited crafty DIY decorating ideas that you can go about in your free time. And while most of them won’t exactly teach you how to take on larger home improvement projects, they do give you a sense of how to make things happen with your own hands. Practice makes perfect, after all!

Every DIY enthusiast goes about projects in different ways, and every individual project is different. However, these basic steps can help prepare you for whatever comes your way in home improvement.

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