What You Can Do To Help Your Friend Stay Sober After Addiction

What You Can Do To Help Your Friend Stay Sober After Addiction

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Dealing with addiction is hard, and can take many years to overcome. If your friend has been suffering from addiction and has just got out of rehab, you probably want to know how you can help them.

Adjusting to life outside the security of a rehabilitation facility isn’t easy. This is because there’s temptation everywhere. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can make life easier for your newly sober friend. Want to know more? Then keep reading!

Tell them you’re there for them

Go and visit your friend and tell them that no matter what, you’ll be there for them. Ask them how you can help them and listen to what they say. Some people prefer to go it alone while others like to have their friends close by for support. Explain that whatever it is they need from you, you’ll be there. Whether it’s a phone call at 3 am to prevent them from drinking or someone to hang out with when they’re bored, it doesn’t matter. Do all you can to be there for them and they’ll love you for it.

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Go sober too

Getting over an addiction is hard. A process that isn’t made any easier by people drinking around you. To help support your friend, go sober with them. Don’t say anything to them, just stick to non-alcoholic drinks when you’re with them. They might not say anything, but they’ll appreciate it. By not drinking with them, you’re showing them the best kind of support – unity. At parties and events, being the only one not drinking can be hard. However, if they know that you’ll also be on the soft stuff, they’ll find it easier to cope.

Help them find the support they need

When it comes to finding support for your friend, there are lots of options. The type of support they need will depend on how they’re coping. If for example, they’re finding living back in their house and going about their lives as they used to, too much, a sober living home could be the answer. Or, if they feel like they need to vent and let out how they’ve been feeling, group support sessions could be a good idea.

Make life fun for them

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that life can’t be fun for your friend, because it can be. Plan fun days out and things to do with them – find ways to make their life more enjoyable again. You need to show your friend that life without alcohol isn’t as hard as it seems and that they can have a good time. If there’s anything that they love doing, such as riding roller coasters, plan a day out that includes that.

Supporting a friend who has just come out of rehab for addiction isn’t easy. However, if you take the tips and advice above on board, there are plenty of ways you can be there for them. It will take time, but if you offer them all the support they need, eventually, you’ll get your friend back.

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