What Would Be Your Perfect Proposal? Let’s Give The Guys Some Ideas

What Would Be Your Perfect Proposal? Let’s Give The Guys Some Ideas


A marriage proposal is a new chapter of your life. It signifies the start of time where two people are legally and romantically bound together. There are people who say that marriage changes nothing. How wrong they are. Marriage changes everything and will redefine each and every aspect of your life. The way people see you will change too. They won’t always see you as an individual. Instead, they will think of you as a couple. You will be different, the world will seem new, but only if you say yes!

We often think that a yes to a marriage proposal is almost automatic. After all, if you’re at the point where you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, they should feel the same. There’s no reason for them to say no is there? It’s always going to be yes. But actually, research shows that 1 in 4 marriage proposals are rejected. Believe it or not, this probably doesn’t mean that they didn’t want to get married. Or, that most of these people weren’t in love with the one’s asking that special question. In many cases they probably were, the proposal just wasn’t there. Don’t forget that when you propose you are saying we can build a life together that will last until the end. If you can’t convey that, do you think they’ll say yes?

So, what are the best marriage proposals and what pieces need to fall into place for you to get the right answer?

The Ring…Obviously

The ring is crucial, it’s the symbol of your marriage. We’ve heard it said in countless TV shows and films. That’s the one, that’s the ring that I’ll use to ask her to be my wife. We have a romantic conception of rings that they alone can get us the answer. Don’t forget we don’t just give a ring for the proposal. There’s another ring at the ceremony, and you might buy one more for a special anniversary. Why are rings so important? They symbolize an unbreakable vow, a promise that will last forever. That’s why we give them during this union, and if all goes well, they will wear that engagement ring forever. Don’t think that the person you’re proposing to isn’t thinking that when you’re getting down on one knee. They definitely will be, wondering if they can see themselves wearing it for years on end.

In most cases, the answer is going to be yes. But you can secure that by making sure that you choose the perfect ring. There are two ways to go about picking your engagement ring. You can either pick one that’s already been designed, or you can design your custom ring. It’s a brilliant idea because you can choose what it looks like the words on the inside and lots of other little details. This will ensure that the ring is exactly what your partner wants. We hope they love the ring that you choose but remember, that’s not the end of the proposal.

The Right Time

Find the perfect ring, and you’ll be off to a running start securing that yes. But there are other things to consider like when you want to ask that question. There are cheesy dates that you’ll need to try and avoid. Birthdays, Christmas, V-Day and New Year’s Eve. These are all big no-nos. You might think you’re romantic and to an extent, you are. But you’re also choosing a day that is a) sort of cheating. The romance is built into these times throughout the year so you might get what I like to call a false yes. They get caught up in the moment and say yes when they’re not ready. B) you could ruin that day for the rest of their lives if the marriage fails or you break up. I know it’s horrible to think about a future failure. But the truth is that you should. You don’t want to put someone in the position where Christmas could be ruined by the memory of you. Instead, pick a random date and be a little more spontaneous. For instance, you can propose on holiday in a foreign land. Or, you may want to ask the question one fateful weekend halfway through the year. Trust me, this will mean a lot more than a ring in a stocking or getting down on one knee as the fireworks go off.

The Right Words

We’re not all wordsmiths and if you’re not great with speaking beautifully your partner will probably already know it. They won’t be expecting a sonnet when you get down on one knee, and you don’t have to give them one. Instead, as corny as this sounds, you just need to speak from the heart. Don’t worry about the specific words because they won’t matter as long as you convey the meaning behind them. You don’t have to be a poet to tell someone how much they mean to you.

It might be worth writing what you’re going to say down. You need to make sure that it’s perfect but don’t try and learn it off by heart. This can make your proposal feel like a memorized speech, and it could lose the meaning. You’ll be so busy concentrating on remembering there will be no emotion. There’s nothing worse than a proposal with seemingly no feeling behind it.

The Right Place

Where are you going to pop the question? The answer is absolutely anywhere you like as long as you can make it special. You can propose in the middle of your living room if you’ve spent a wonderful day together. You can get married up in the air, sky high, as long as your partner isn’t afraid of heights. Or, you can travel down memory lane and propose somewhere you went when you first met them. The location of your very first date perhaps? Although, journeying here does tend to give the game away before you have asked the question. If you want it to be a complete surprise, you may want to pick a different spot. There are lots of choices to choose from here, and as long as it’s special to the two of you, it doesn’t matter. She’ll say yes as long as it feels right.

Know Your Partner

It seems silly to recommend that you think about what your partner would want before you make this gesture. If you don’t know, you’re probably not ready to propose at all. But, a lot of guys make this mistake because they have been indoctrinated with ideas in the media that a proposal should be romantic and public. But what if your partner hates drawing attention to themselves. They probably won’t want a proposal in the middle of a massive crowd. In fact, they might feel inclined to say know if they think you’ve embarrassed them. Or, maybe your partner has already told you years ago how they imagined their dream proposal. If you can get it just right, you will already have secured that yet. Then there’s the possibility that maybe your partner is quite old fashioned and traditional. If that’s the case, you had better ask their father for his permission. Otherwise, expect an awkward discussion afterward, even if she does say yes.

As you can see then, a yes may not be a guarantee. There is a lot of little details you need to consider if you want to get the proposal right and ensure the marriage is off to a fantastic start.

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