What to Do When You Can’t Get Motivated for Your Workout


If there is one thing we all struggle with from time-to-time, it is motivation. In fact, beginning your workout routine is often the most difficult part of exercising. If you are someone that struggles for motivation, don’t lose hope. There are a number of tricks and tips for you to follow to help you get the enthusiasm you need for your workout session.

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Subscribe to a fitness blog or newsletter – There are many fitness newsletters and blogs available today, and so it should not be too difficult to find one that contains content you enjoy. If you get fitness related emails on a regular basis, it will ensure that you have fitness on your mind.

Consider changing your weight loss program – One of the reasons you may be struggling for motivation may be because your weight loss program is not right for you. The 21 Day Fix workout schedule is a good option to consider. This can fast track your fitness quest, giving you the motivation you need for the future. The 21 Day Fix is a healthy workout program, featuring tally sheets, daily 30-minute workout DVDs, portion control containers, and a comprehensive meal plan. You should start to see results quickly, and this can work wonders in terms of motivation. If this is not the right workout schedule and weight loss program for you, there are plenty of other options to consider. Don’t simply stick to one if you feel it is not working – everyone is different.

Build a support group – Losing weight on your own can be extremely difficult. This is why it is advisable to build a support group. This does not need to be challenging. All you need to do is tell your family and a few close friends about your fitness goals and your plan of action. Tell them how important it is for you to stick to your routine. They will support you and give you help when you need it most. Not only will you have someone to turn to whenever you are struggling, but it also serves as a continual reminder of the commitment you have made to yourself.

Join a weight loss forum – If you do not want to share your journey with your family or friends, why not join a weight loss and fitness forum instead? By doing this, you will be able to talk to people that are on the same journey as you. It is likely that they have felt exactly how you are, and they probably have a whole host of useful tips that can help you along the way. Plus, you may feel more comfortable sharing your journey with people you don’t know.

Track your progress – If you don’t track your progress, you are really going to struggle for motivation because you will have no clue as to whether you are on the right track.

Find an emotional trigger – There is bound to be something that really makes your fitness journey hit home. Maybe it is a piece of clothing that you can’t fit into anymore. Perhaps it was your doctor telling you that your health has deteriorated because you have gained weight? Don’t use this as a painful reminder; use this as motivation.

Wear your workout clothes as early in the day as possible – If you work from home or a full-time parent, put your workout clothes on when you get ready in the morning. This will encourage you to exercise.

Visualization – Visualization can be a great tool for increasing your levels of motivation. Think about how you want to feel and how you want to look. This will give you a clear image of what you want to achieve by working out, and this will make you more motivated to not only exercise, but put 100% into it.

Schedule your routines properly – It is important to schedule your routines into your day, otherwise you won’t find the time for them. When you put together your schedule for your working day, there should be an hour slot for exercising. Don’t simply assume that you will fit this in when you get time, as you simply won’t bother.

Write down specific goals – It is vital to set goals. You need to make sure that these goals are specific and quantifiable. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and read them out loud every day. This may sound silly, but it will actually help you to condition your subconscious mind into believing in your goals.

Sign a commitment contract – Another way to boost your levels of motivation is to sign a commitment contract. This will put your fitness goals in writing, as well as your promise to achieve them. You are more likely to stick to this contract if you sign it in front of a friend or family member.

Take a break – This may sound counterproductive, and it does only apply to some cases. Nevertheless, the reason why you may be feeling a lack of interest in exercise could simply be because you have over trained. A little bit of time off may be just what you need so that your mind and body comes back better than before. Having time off does not mean that you should swap your exercise routine for a night in front of the TV. It simply means reducing the intensity of your exercises and taking it a bit easier. You should know yourself whether this is what you need. If you haven’t been working extremely hard, then taking a break is not the right way to go about it.

Work out first thing in the morning – Last but not least, most people are more successful at following a fitness program when they work out first thing in the morning. This all comes down to willpower. As the day progresses, your willpower decreases and decreases, making it much harder for you to find the motivation that is necessary to tackle the gym. Try working out in the morning and see what happens!

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