What to Do When a Foot Injury Has You Side-Lined

foot injury

Is being active one of your top priorities in life? Are you the type who doesn’t shy away from sports and enjoys physical activity each and every day? If so, then there is nothing worse than finding yourself side-lined due to a foot injury. An injury is never fun to deal with for anyone, but if you’re the active type and you are told to stay off your foot and let it heal, it can seem like your world comes crashing down in that instant.

So, before you get too upset about all the activities you will be missing, it’s important to come up with a plan on how you can deal with your foot injury. Here are some tips that can help you better cope with this unplanned down time.

Discuss What Your Limitations Are with Your Doctor

Now before you get too upset and make assumptions about what you can and can’t do, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor about your specific limitations. You may find that you aren’t as limited as you would have thought, and even if you do need to stay off the foot, it may not be for as long as you imagined.

Consider Using a Knee Scooter to Help You Get Around

The common thing for people to do when they can’t bear weight on their foot is to use crutches. Unfortunately, crutches come with a learning curve and aren’t always comfortable to use. Instead you may want to take a look at a knee walker or a knee scooter. Knee walkers are meant for those who have an injury that is below the knee, such as a foot injury.

You can easily find a knee scooter for sale that will make it faster, safer, and more comfortable to get around. Many also come with drink holders and baskets so you can carry items around with you in a hands-free manner.

Start Wearing a Knapsack

If you aren’t using a knee scooter and need a way to carry items around with you while on crutches, a knapsack can become your best friend. You can throw everything you need in there, even a bottle of water. This will prevent you from having to make multiple trips to and from the cupboard, your bedroom, the fridge, etc.

Start Seeing a Physical Therapist

A great way to speed up healing, and make sure it’s done in the proper way, is to start seeing a physical therapist. You can look for one that specializes in foot injuries such as yours. The therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan that focuses on reducing swelling, helping to increase your mobility and range of motion, gaining strength back, and reducing pain.

Don’t Rush the Recovery Period

Perhaps the best tip of all is to make sure you don’t rush the recovery period. Yes, you want to get back to your everyday normal and active lifestyle, but if you push yourself too fast and too hard, you will only end up doing more damage to your foot.

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