What to Buy the Woman Who Has Everything – 2016 Summer Gift Guide

What to Buy the Woman Who Has Everything – 2016 Summer Gift Guide


Some people are just really hard to buy gifts for. Sometimes you rack your brains trying to think of something suitable, or that they’d really like, but you just don’t have a clue. It’s happened to so many of us it’s almost embarrassing. If the recipient is a woman, it can make it even harder. Risk getting the wrong thing and you could be in heaps of trouble! If it’s your mum, your wife, your girlfriend or your sister, then you’ll know just how hard it can be. Oh and by the way, when someone says they don’t actually want anything for their birthday? If you value your life, don’t ever believe them. Chances are, they’d really like just to be a little spoiled for the day but don’t want to say anything.

Smelling good

Perfume is an individual thing. Many women only ever wear the same scents and never try new ones. If that sounds like whoever you’re buying for, then buy them a bottle of their favourite perfume. It tends not to be too cheap and dedicated fan must always have some stocked on their dressing table! If they aren’t averse to trying new things, then take notes of their favourites and ask for recommendations at a department store.

Classic and beautiful

Jewellery is a traditional gift. It’s not just all about engagement rings either! Quality jewellery will last for years and will give the wearer many happy enduring memories. Pearls are always a classic choice, timeless and elegant. Contemporary designs bring these natural gems up to date, look at these beautiful Claudia Bradby Pearl Earrings for inspiration.

And… relax

A spa day or weekend is an experience most women will love. Who wouldn’t relish the chance to be pampered and get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life? You can buy “vouchers” for a spa experience at most venues in advance. This means the recipient of your relaxing gift can choose a time that is convenient for them. They should be able to choose some of their own treatments too, which might give them a chance to try something new out. Bliss!

Buying Smart

If you still don’t have a clue what to buy for that lucky lady, then why not play safe? Gift Cards for her favourite store will mean she can pick something she really likes. There’s no chance of repercussions, then. It’s not the most thoughtful or original gift, but it sure beats a box of chocolates and a cheap bunch of flowers. Especially ones from a garage. Don’t do that, ok! You can find different gift cards and vouchers on Amazon.

Get Your Apron out

Low on cash? Cook them dinner. Not having to worry about making a meal is a massive relief for lots of women. It’s always nice when someone else cooks for you, even if they aren’t a cordon bleu chef. Simple food well done is better than a disastrous attempt at fancier fare. Make sure you whip up a good pudding. A dessert is a luxurious treat that many women skimp on. It’s ok to cheat with this one. Check out puddings at Marks and Spencer.

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