What I Love About Entertaining At Home

What I Love About Entertaining At Homeimage


I love eating out and finding the next big thing in gourmet food. Restaurants provide an amazing dining experience. You can just sit back and let someone else do all the work. They cook for you, serve you and clean up after you. It’s perfect when you just can’t face all the hassle at home. But what I really love is bringing my friends over for an intimate dinner party. I love entertaining, and I love cooking for my chums. It makes all the effort worthwhile.

I could eat out with my friends and save myself a lot of work, but dining at home makes them feel even more special. I like to do these things for my friends, and I love it when I find a new recipe to try out. Don’t get me wrong, I may never be as good a chef as those that work for London’s top eateries. But it’s nice to spoil my friends a bit, in a more private environment.

We can sit back and laugh out loud. We can play our kind of music, and make some wholly unwholesome jokes without being asked to leave. There may be a lot of preparation, and a lot of messes to deal with at the end, but it’s worth it for those three or four hours of fun. Plus, I get to flex my cooking muscles and serve up something delicious that I can be proud of.

When it comes to preparing my home for a dinner party, I like everything to be fresh and clean. New candles in polished holders sit upon the best table linen I own. I love those beautiful round & square tablecloths you get in the finest restaurants, so I make sure that my best is on display. The best dinnerware and glasses are brought out, and I serve everything to the plate. Side dishes are in my best dishes on my beautiful mirrored tablemats. Perfect.

My dining area is great because the lighting is controlled by a dimmer switch. I can set the mood, pour the wine and put on our favourite tracks. If you’ve ever entertained at home, you know that you are up and down from your seat a lot. I pop myself at the end of the table so I can get about without disturbing anyone’s dining experience.

I don’t tend to cook while guests are here. The dessert is already dished up in the fridge, and the hot courses are on a low heat to keep warm until we’re ready. It only takes a couple of hours to reach that stage, and it means I have more time to enjoy the company.

I really do love entertaining. The thrill of it keeps me going through the preparations. As much as I love eating out, I prefer home dining with my closest friends. It’s a great way to catch up, and the atmosphere is just so much more relaxed than when I’m eating out in public. Of course, it’s a great money-saver too, and I’m always the lucky one who doesn’t have to drive all the way home after!

Naomi Isted
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