What Did We Do Before We Had Kids?

What Did We Do Before We Had Kids?

What Did We Do Before We Had Kids?

What did we do before we had kids? – Having children changes any relationship. Suddenly you are not just a “we”, but a family. The first year of having a baby is generally exhausting. Broken sleep, strange routines, but it is incredibly worth it. During this time however it’s easy to forget to make time one another. Couples have been known to say to each other “What did we do before we had kids?” And sometimes it is difficult to remember. Here are a few ideas to make your relationship a priority, as well as your new baby.

Organize regular date nights

Do you remember dating? It was when you arranged a special meeting, with that special someone, got dressed up and went out to a favorite restaurant, or to catch a movie. It was ice skating (and holding hands), or going to an exhibition together. It’s easy to forget to make time for each other, and still have these shared experiences together. Try once a month to organize a date and really make an effort to enjoy each others’ company away from the sofa and Netflix. It can really breathe life into your marriage. Oh, and there’s one rule of dating – you don’t spend all evening talking about the children. Talk about your own lives, your dreams, home and aspirations for the future. Talk about the silly things, the jokes, but most of all have fun.

Buy each other a small gift

Many couples stop buying presents for one another once a family has come along. But a small gift or token goes along way to showing your other half that they are appreciated. When that anniversary or birthday comes along, try and pick out something personal, perhaps a book. Even it is just $5, look for something that is meaningful. Long gone are the days of creating mix tapes, but you can always create a mix playlist of songs that you both remember, or mean something special to you.

Take photos to make memories

When you have kids, something happens to the photos on your smartphone. They are all of the children, and nothing else. Do you remember when you used to take pictures of eachother? You are still building a relationship and memories together, so pick up your phone or your camera and take a few snaps. They could be just be simple pictures of the day, but they are part of the precious time that you spend together.

When you have a family, it is important to still make time for each other. You are together for a reason, and the more secure you are as a couple, the stronger you are as a family.

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