Welcome to the world of mermaids!

Welcome to the world of mermaids!

There’s a never fading fairytale that has inspired girls and boys for centuries ‘the mermaid’. As a little girl I absolutely loved them, I love to swim and loved the ocean but also pinned for long flowing hair. I genuinely believed they were real for years.

So now I have my own little princess its no surprise she’s also obsessed in Mermaids like I was. We are very lucky with my work that as a family we get to travel quite a lot and Fleur is just like a fish. She loves water whether it’s a pool or the beach and will happily play for hours.

It was on our last trip to the Caribbean that she noticed a little girl with a mermaid tail and bikini top. That was it; Fleur was mesmerized and desperately wanted one herself. Bizarrely at the same time I noticed one of my besties had got her daughters matching mermaid tails and Fleurs best friend had just got one too. I think we are in full-blown mermaid frenzy, everywhere I look there’s little mermaids on all over social media, by the pool and on the beach.

So I ordered the most gorgeous Mermaid Tail for Fleur from Planet Mermaid. However I also realized my kids always want the same so ordered Rocco matching leggings, t-shirt and his on little tail. Not only are their products so pretty they are also amazing quality and 100% swimmable mermaid tails! Its like every little girls dream come true to become a mermaid. Their mermaid tails are reinforced with monofins that not only look great but also help to improve swimming in them.

These super cute mermaid tails aren’t just for plush holidays. Fleur and Rocco love wearing them at home, in the bath and obviously they get everyone’s attention at the local swimming pool. They are suitable for ages 3 to 15 and all the tails are designed and manufactured in Bedford here in the UK. The  Magic Swim Monofin is just awesome Fleur loves hers. Basically it’s a rigid insert to support the tail shape and helps the kids when they’re swimming.

The next step to becoming a mermaid is defo to learn to swim as a mermaid! There are certain safety rules to follow when starting swimming with a monofin. You should be able to swim pretty well before trying swimming with a monofin. Try swimming with no tail and only a monofin first. A dolphin kick may feel a bit complicated at the beginning but swimmers pick it up very fast. You can find more rules here. Swimming activities are recommended for ages 5+.

Planet Mermaid is actually also launching their own schools across the UK called Mermaid Wave. So if you are interested in your kiddies learning to swim like a mermaid then join their mailing list via their website or

They are also currently recruiting Swimming Instructors with level 2 qualifications to train them for Mermaid Wave. Head over to the website if this might be for you.

Don’t forget to use my unique discount code if you want some fab Mermaid tails, fins, tshirt etc.

Use MERMAIDNAOMI18 which will give you an exclusive 10% off for January/February 2018.

 Love Naomi xx

Naomi Isted
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