Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Weight Loss Tips That Really Workimage

When you are losing weight, you want it gone for good. You want to know that all that effort has been worthwhile. There is nothing worse than trying hard to shed the pounds, only to find that little has changed! But there is so much advice on weight loss out there, it can be hard to know which is correct and which should be taken with a pinch of salt. To help you out, Ive put together a short list of some scientifically proven methods of losing weight quick – and keeping it off for good. Follow these tips and you are sure to notice a real difference in no time at all.

Get A Buddy

Its a proven fact: buddying up while dieting helps you to lose more weight. By going into it with like-minded people in tow, you have a fantastic support system which is certain to keep you going. Keeping motivated is often a primary difficulty when you are trying to lose weight, so having a buddy or two can really be of huge benefit. Studies have shown that partners who team up to lose weight are significantly more successful than those who go it alone.

Planning & Recording

Planning what you are going to eat in the day is a great, effective way of managing your food intake. This, in turn, keeps you from putting on any extra pounds when you are trying to lose them. One study found that planning your meals for the day does really help you to lose weight. This is especially so if you plan the actual amount of calories, before you eat. Another really effective weight-loss tip is to keep a food diary. This should be easy to do if you are planning ahead anyway. However, be sure to be honest and note down any cheats or snacks you might treat yourself to.


There are some supplements out there which are proven to help with weight loss. The most effective – and most commonly used – is Gnarly whey protein. Whey protein has multiple health benefits, not just helping you to lose weight. It lowers your heart rate and cholesterol, protecting you against asthma and cardiovascular disease. Whey protein is also ideal after a workout, as its high level of amino acids allows your body to recover properly after you have hit the gym.

Be More Active

Another study found that watching even one hour less of television a day was enough to make a significant difference in weight loss. Thats right – you really cant afford to be a couch potato. Staying active is the most important thing you can do for your body, and that remains the case if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, it becomes all the more important. A simple, thirty to forty minute exercise regime every day is more than enough to help you keep the weight off when you are dieting. Next time you have the choice to make, choose the gym over the TV. You will be pleased with the results!

Naomi Isted
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  1. I definitely agree with the buddy system. Not only is it good for support, but it’s also competitive becuase you don’t want to be the one that’s not losing weight.

  2. The way I get my self to exercise is that I have my treadmill next to a TV. I just turn up the volume and watch tv while I’m walking. I almost forget that I’m exercising. I sometimes will listen to really happy energetic music too. It makes exercising fun!

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