Wedding Essentials That Haven’t Crossed Your Mind Yet

Wedding Essentials That Haven’t Crossed Your Mind Yettde

Whether it was a few months ago or over a year, you probably haven’t forgotten the day that your partner proposed to you and presented you with a stylish and expensive ring. Or perhaps they had a placeholder, maybe the entire situation was embarrassing for you because it was in public, or maybe it was done during a romantic evening together in private. Fast forward to the present day and you’re ready to wed your future partner, exchange vows, and be forever bound together.

But hold your horses, are you sure everything is right? From the wedding photographer to adverse weather, many things can pop up and turn your dream wedding into an unforgettable nightmare—for both you and your guests! So if you want to avoid having your dream wedding collapse in front of your eyes, here are a couple of wedding essentials that you’ve probably not considered yet.

The Rain Plan

Adverse weather can be the bane of your wedding. Sure it might be clear skies and sunny on the wedding day, but the weather can change and considering you have to plan a long time in advance, there are many factors that could change the weather on the day. As a result, always have a rain plan. An indoor ceremony, umbrellas, and indoor entertainment are very basic ways to ensure that you can have a successful wedding even if it starts pouring with rain.

Don’t think of your rain plan as a backup and give it minimal attention. This is your wedding, after all, so give it the effort and time it deserves. Think of your rain plan as a second wedding, an alternate wedding that will take place if it rains. Don’t make it any less spectacular or amazing than your original wedding idea. In fact, if you plan it well enough, then it may even convince you to change your mind and host all of your wedding festivities indoors instead of outside.

If using the outdoors is a major part of your wedding, then consider lowering the importance of a sunny day. The most frustrating situation is spending a lot of money on outdoor entertainment and services, only to have the rain ruin it and render it useless, thus wasting a lot of money that you won’t get back. In short, plan two weddings, one that utilises the outside and one for a rainy day, and unless you have a lot of money, evenly distribute your budget to account for both.

Directions and Signs

Wedding venues can be confusing places. Unless you want your guests to get lost and not make it in time for your wedding ceremony, then make sure you have some signs and directions set up around the venue. Make signs for the reception area, the ceremony area, restrooms, accommodation area, bar and so on. For every important area of your wedding, make sure there’s a sign pointing to it.

Customising your signage is a fantastic way to add a bit of personality to your wedding too. Don’t go with bare basic signs. Instead, carve some messages into wooden arrows or use decorative flowers to border around the signs. In addition, provide some basic navigation tools if your venue is large. For instance, you could provide a map that also doubles as a schedule for the event. You might also need to switch the signs occasionally if different areas of the venue will be used for multiple purposes.

Dietary Needs

With all the guests that we invite to a wedding, we need to make sure the venue is capable of producing food that is suitable for everyone’s dietary needs. Perhaps someone is a vegetarian or vegan, maybe someone doesn’t eat pork, and make sure you take children into considerations with a kid’s menu. Since this is so important, it’s a good idea to try and confirm this before you rent the venue and when you write down your guest list, try to ask them about any dietary needs they have.

Dining Decorations

The dining room is where you’ll spend a lot of time, so make sure it’s decorated properly and that it feels like a luxurious and exquisite experience. Ensure that all of the seats are correctly distributed and that families and friends are bundled together. Next, set out name cards so that all your guests know where to sit. Tie flowers or other similar decorations to the chairs, and have accompanying small crafts and items on the table to enhance the dining experience.

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A Guest Book

One of the most fun and memorable items you’ll leave a wedding with is the guest book. Make it a large, leather bound notepad and give your guests a selection of different pens, pencils and accessories to decorate the guest book. It makes a fantastic memento to keep in your home and you’ll relive all the wonderful memories whenever you take a peek at its pages. To make it even more special, place one or two instant cameras next to the guest book and allow your guests to stick their pictures next to their messages.

Wedding Photographer

Speaking of reliving memories, don’t forget to hire a professional wedding photography service. Don’t think of these people as just photographers that will snap up shots during your ceremony, think of these professionals as people that will capture every single moment that’s worth remembering. They’ll take pictures of the guests, family photos, individual photos of people having fun and enjoying themselves, and even pictures of the venue itself.

Think of them more as reporters for your wedding and not just photographers. They’ll capture every moment that you’ll fondly remember. They’re inexpensive considering all the memories they’ll give you, and you generally don’t need to give them orders. They’ll point, click, and take plenty of fantastic images for you to remember.

In addition to regular wedding photos, you might even want to hire a fun wedding photo booth. These are typically equipped with lots of fancy dress gadgets and accessories such as hats and masks, and your wedding guests can group together and take memorable pictures together.

Entertainment for Everyone

Let’s not forget that there has to be some entertainment as well. Perhaps it’s something as simple as dancing (it’s always traditional to share a dance) or something more suitable for your age and demographic, such as video games, a DJ or even your favourite local band. There are hundreds of ideas for entertainment, but it’s important that you try and accommodate all your guests that attend. That means some entertainment for the seniors and also entertainment for children. Things such as board games, face painting and arts and craft are suitable for the kids, and a cocktail bar or gambling room would be more suitable for adults and above.

If your wedding takes place during the day and there’s lovely weather, then why not engage in some traditional outdoor games. You could play with giant board games, bouncy castles for the children, or even something more relaxing such as bowling. If you’re feeling nostalgic or if it fits your theme, then you can hire fairground game stalls to add a fun touch to your wedding. Things such as Tin Can Alleys, Strongman Tests and Cork Shooting are fantastic fun events that everyone can enjoy.

An Overnight Bag

You probably don’t want to return home in a wedding gown especially if you are sleeping overnight at the venue. Make sure you carry an overnight bag with you so that you can change into casual clothing for your journey home and pyjamas if you are staying the night. You can also use it to store things such as some additional luggage if you plan to go on your honeymoon straight after. Remember your toiletries, extra pairs of shoes, essential beauty products, and even your medication.

Your Glamorous Exit

You want to leave the wedding ceremony with a bang and that means planning your exit properly. It’s the last chance you get to see your guests until later on, so you want to leave them with a glowing smile and happy impressions. Depending on what time of day it is, you could introduce something spectacular such as a fireworks display at night, or you could go with a traditional rose petal shower. You can give the petals to your guests to shower you with, or you could even give them sparklers and other fun decorations. You could even leave in style with a pickup from a luxurious car, or maybe something vintage if you prefer a more traditional feel. And of course, you can’t forget the iconic “Just Married” sign on the back.

So there you have it, a couple of wedding essentials that most likely haven’t crossed your mind yet, or aren’t much of a priority in your current plan. Remember that your wedding is usually something that only happens once in your life, so make it special, plan it properly and never neglect the finer details if you want to have a memorable day filled with happiness.

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  1. Organizing a wedding is a stressful process, no matter how much time you have. You are going to get swamped with worries of planning as the countdown to the big day begins. This should be the time you should be spending pampering yourself, shopping till you drop and not worrying about the florist, the decorator. Though it creates a dent in pocket, but hiring a wedding planner according to your budget can be a very sane decision as he can suggest what needs to done and also takes of much of the burden of finding vendors and can get you discounts too!

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