Visiting The Isle of Wight This Summer With Kids

Visiting The Isle of Wight This Summer With Kids


Stressed out by the thought of travelling abroad with your kids this summer either because of the amount that’s involved planning a trip abroad with little ones and possibly their tantrums thrown into the mix or the ridiculous prices?


Its well known that travelling abroad is ridiculously overpriced during the summer holidays and personally travelling with my two year old and his wild tantrums can be a tad stressful to say the least. So why not explore our native England this summer? There’s so much to see and do right here at home in the UK. I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight before but we decided to spend a long weekend there as a family as we had heard great things.


We packed the car up and it took us a couple of hours to drive from Essex to the ferry at Southampton, without the stress of baggage allowances or what we can and can’t take in our hand luggage. The car was jam-packed, the kids iPads were on charge and we were good to go. The ferry took just under an hour and was such an exciting experience for the kids out on the deck and on the sea they loved it.


We stayed at an awesome 5 star lodge retreat called Woodside Bay owned by Darwin Escapes in Ryde, which, totally caters for kids. There’s none of the dirty looks from staff or other residents when your 2year old is pulling the biggest paddy on the planet, oh no quite the opposite. It is set amidst a forest area and you can walk from your lodge right down to the beach through a little woodland walk, which takes 5 minutes.


Honestly the dread that can eat you up at flying abroad and you being the one passenger that has the screaming toddler this was just the opposite. As we checked in the kids were running around wild and carefree in the surrounding grass, which was overlooked by the reception. Yes that’s right I said wild! I have two extremely free spirited and active kids and this place was just bliss for my sanity and for them to explore.


The lodges are really well thought out for families travelling with kids, with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a large open plan lounge/kitchen/ dinner plus there’s a very handy welcome pack with bread, milk, butter the essentials if you are late and need a snack but too tired to leave the lodge. There’s TV’s in every room and we had a lush hot tub where I choose to wake up before the rest of the clan and meditate and read. Wow is this even real I’m getting time to read? Yes it happened, thank the lord for the Isle of Wight is all I can say.


The lodges definitely are 5 star, both bathrooms have bathtubs. The lounge is so spacious there is space for two l-shaped sofas, a dining table and chairs and an island in the kitchen. The layout also means the kids are close by and you can keep an eye on them at all times. Plus the veranda is ideal to sit and have dinner or a BBQ on or for the kids to safely play outside with their toys. Love love love this place and the staff wow they are the friendliest I’ver encountered and I’ve travelled alot.

There is so much to see and do on the Isle of Wight if you are travelling with kids and all the country pubs are incredibly family friendly which is a mega plus. If you are considering the Isle of Wight, its beaches, it’s nature walks or even a cycling holiday for older families there’s so much more to do there. We ventured out to Butterfly world, which had an incredible collection of butterflies and its really affordable. We also visited the model village which is in Godshill, our 7year old genuinely believed it was magic and fairies built the village.


Then we headed down to the beaches in Shanklin and Pirate Island. I could go on for hours and actually needed a whole week their as there were so many other outdoorsy tourist things to do. I actually had an incredible digital detox and want to buy the lodge we were living in which is quite conveniently possible as Darwin Escapes have ownership options as well as rentals, yea so maybe instead of relocating to nature we can just have a fab holiday home one day, fingers crossed.


Oh and I can’t stop  obsessed over our  personalised  suitcases from HB London..

N.B My personal welcome pack was a little gift to myself and our family but don’t come as standard.

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