Vintage Posters

Posters – I find – are very stereotypical. When I recommend a Poster to switch up a room, I don’t mean a poster of your favourite boy band or singer (although we’ve all been through that phase, let’s be honest!).

It was while I was browsing this independent store at the weekend, I came across these lovely vintage posters. Immediately I could picture one right above my bed.

A particular one I was drawn to was a world map, I love the colours and feel of the paper. The general look is vintage and with this placed in a room I feel it tells a story with old style visual. Of course though it doesn’t have to be a world map; perhaps a scratch map for the fellow traveller, or a London tube map, a map of your favourite country perhaps? Maps are so versatile so absolutely any will look different and unusual.

Naomi Pictures post 3


Below are a few others such as a lovely vintage flower picture, and a vintage Star Trek movie poster. It just shows, there is a vintage poster out there to suit everyone’s taste, bringing a uniqueness to any room.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 13.58.02

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