Use These Do’s and Don’ts For Continual Date Night Success

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Use These Do’s and Don’ts For Continual Date Night Success


No matter how long you and your partner have been together, it’s always important to have date nights. This quality time together can strengthen your bond and keep the romance alive. But overtime these nights can become repetitive and stale causing you both to lose interest and get easily distracted. It could also put you off having a regular date night altogether which could put a huge strain on your relationship. Especially if you have busy work lives or spend most of your free time with your children. Thankfully there are things you can do to bring some spice and fun back into your date nights. So use these do’s and don’ts to start planning and experiencing some of the best dates ever and avoid any unnecessary distractions,

Do: Give yourself plenty of time

The last thing you want on your date is to feel rushed or limited by time restrictions. This can ruin the mood and reduce the amount of alone time you have. So try to put the entire evening aside and plan different activities you will both enjoy. Make sure you have enough time at each destination, so you feel relaxed and don’t’ have to worry about how much time you have. Instead of worrying about the clock, talk to your partner and update him on what’s going on with you. Even though you might see him or her every day you may not get the chance to fully open up. Maybe there is something you are concerned about and need their opinion and guidance to help you.  Also, ask a close friend or relative or hire a babysitter you trust to take care of your children or any pets you might have. This will make you feel more at ease and feel less inclined to rush home.

Do: Something inexpensive

Your personal finances should not prevent you from doing something fun and romantic together. While it’s lovely to go for expensive meals and trips out, it can be just as nice to spend time doing inexpensive things too. Watching a movie at home, going for a long walk in the countryside and visiting a museum are all things that cost little to no money and suit any budget. You could even learn how to cook a new recipe together using sites such as to help you. You can then relax at home and enjoy the fabulous meal you’ve both helped to create. Always keep in mind that the time you spend together is far more important that the money you spend. So even if money is tight, there is no reason to cancel your plans.

Do: Act like this is your first date

Remember how you felt on your very first date together? The nerves, the excitement and eagerness to impress each other. It’s an incredible feeling that often disappears when you’ve been together a long time. Even if this is your 1000th date, always act as if it’s the first. Spoil each other with treats and compliments. This will again, bring some romance back into your relationship but also remind you of how much you’ve both changed since then. Plus it always feels good to get complemented by the person you love. Take a look at and suprise your partner.

Don’t: Spend all night on your phone

Date night is the time where you can reconnect as a couple and enjoy spending time alone together. This can be highly difficult if you or your partner choose to spend all evening on your phone. Checking social media and reading texts and emails during your date night is a huge no no. It shows a lack of respect, care and interest in the person you are with and the activity you are doing. So encourage that you both keep your phones in your pocket or bag. An exception to this rule would be texting the babysitter or relative who is caring for your child to make sure everything is ok. But try to only do this once and not every hour. As much as you care about your children, you need to use this time to be a little selfish and focus on you and your partner.

Don’t: Just do what you want to do

If you and your partner both enjoy the same kind of things, this point may not be relevant to you. But some couples have completely different interests to one another. This can make it difficult to find an activity that you both would enjoy. While you naturally want to enjoy your date, always consider your partner too. If they are not enjoying themselves during your date, it could put you both in terrible moods and spoil your entire evening. Discuss ideas with each other and try to find some middle ground to ensure you both thoroughly enjoy your time together.

Don’t: Stick to the same routine

If you’ve been dating or married for a long time, it’s likely you’ve been on your fair share of dates together. During this time you’ve probably found one or two places that both enjoy visiting on your date nights. But choosing to go to the same places and do the same activities time after time will soon become boring for you both. So instead of just sticking to what you are comfortable with, why not try something new. For instance, instead of going out for dinner, why not cook a romantic meal at home. Or instead of going to the cinema, you could head to a theatre show or concert. This will undoubtedly keep things interesting and make you both more eager for date night to arrive. Visit for some much-needed inspiration for your next night out together.

These Do’s and Don’ts should help you and your partner have a more successful and fulfilling date night. The key is variety and spontaneity while also opening up to one another. You never know, you may change from a monthly date night to a weekly one.

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