Updating Your New Home Without Any Major Work: Tips And Tricks

Electric Aqua Colour Pop

Updating Your New Home Without Any Major Work: Tips And Tricks

Electric Aqua Colour Pop

After buying and moving into a new house, you’ll want to put your stamp on it. However, after spending a lot on purchasing the property, the chances are that you don’t have much to play with for updates. But don’t let that put you off making your new home your own. There are plenty of ways you can transform the space with breaking the bank.

You may not be able to rip up the floors or knock down any walls right now, but there are plenty of ways you can put your mark on your new home. It’s just a case of changing up the small details, instead of focusing on more expensive updates.


One of the best and simplest ways to change the look of your new home is by giving each room a coat of paint. The great thing about painting is that if you do it yourself and buy the paint from a discount DIY store, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

While it might be a little time-consuming, once you’ve painted your new home, it will feel a lot more homey. Especially if you weren’t a fan of the colours that the old owners chose to decorate in. If you can’t afford to buy lots of different colours of paint, opt for two neutral shades and mix and match them. (You can always repaint, later on, this is just to make your new home feel a little more homey.)

Switch the fixtures and fittings

There are plenty of home stores that sell stylish fixtures and fittings that are also affordable. Go around your new home making a list of the door knobs, handles, lights and any other fittings that you’d like to change. Then head to your local home store to see what bits and bobs you can find that would be suitable.

Pick pieces that will work well with the colour scheme of the room, and also match your personal tastes. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference swapping a few fixtures and fittings can make to the look and feel of the space.

If you opt to change the light switches to a new design, make sure to check the wires beforehand. Should you notice a problem with the wiring behind a light switch, it’s a good idea to contact an electrician, such as Graham and Sons. Just make sure to check the ‘our serviced areas’ page to check your location is covered.

Add area rugs


If you can’t afford to redo the flooring right now, but aren’t a fan of certain designs, cover them over with an area rug. There are plenty of places that sell larger rugs that are perfect for covering over unsightly flooring designs. You can find some great deals online, or you could consider buying second-hand. It just depends if anyone is selling a rug design that you like.

Hang pictures

To liven up the walls and add an injection of personality into your new home, hang pictures on the walls. These can be pieces from your old home or new designs, either way, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you make your new home feel personal to you.


You might not be able to afford to overhaul your new home completely, but you can make a few small changes to make it homier.


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