Unique Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Your Baby

Unique Ways to Celebrate the Birth of Your Baby


The birth of a baby is always an exciting time and even more so when it’s your own. You want to show your beautiful bundle of joy off to the world and relish in this new chapter of your life. For some Mother’s having a small get together is ideal. But for others, they want a more unique way of welcoming their baby into the world. If you are one of these new Mother’s, here are a couple of ideas you can use to celebrate the birth of your gorgeous newborn.

Have a Newborn photo shoot

Newborn photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular and are a perfect way to celebrate your baby’s birth. The adorable images of your baby looking so small and content will be something you can treasure forever. You can take your baby to a specialist newborn photographer like Silver Bee Photography and capture your baby in their natural state. You can also add props and pose your baby slightly to create something truly unique and full of personality. The images you get from this professional shoot can be used in hundreds of different ways to suit you. You could send them to your friends and family on postcards or turn one image into a canvas that you can hang in your nursery. It’s a fun and beautiful way of capturing a very short period in your child’s life which you and your loved ones can cherish.

Plant a tree in your garden

Planting a tree in your baby’s honour will be something you can nurture throughout their life and be a reminder of this early stage. Plant it somewhere prominent where you can sit underneath it and see it from your window each day. When they get a little older, you can tell them about their tree, and they can help you take care of it. For an extra special touch, you could also have a plaque made too. This can have their name, birth date and time of birth engraved onto it. If you don’t have room for a tree why not try a rose bush or carve their name into a tree instead.

Throw an arrival shower

Arrival showers are a wonderful way of introducing your baby to your closest family and friends. While baby showers often only include female friends and relatives, arrival showers include everyone. Not only that, it will give you a chance to take a break from childcare duties. While you naturally want everybody to meet your newborn, try to limit your guest list so as not to overwhelm your baby. Too many loud noises and people can be scary for them and make them uncomfortable. Use a theme such as pirates or mermaids to influence your decorations and food choices. This will be the perfect setting for everyone to get to know your baby and help everyone share your excitement.

All of this ideas are fun and creative ways of celebrating the arrival of your baby while also showing you some appreciation for all your hard work. So use one or all of these ideas or come up with your own to make this time as memorable as possible.

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