Ultimate way to make your home safe

Ultimate way to make your home safe


We all like to feel safe and comfortable. Especially in our own homes. It is a fact. We love to be surrounded by beautiful things and technology. We have a lot of important things in our homes. Some of them are just expensive. Some of them are valuable to us for other reasons. But what if someone took them away from us? We prefer not to even think about it.

Safety is not a taboo subject

Every day we have so many things to do that we rarely think about what happens to our homes when we are not there. Although we often hear about burglaries in our surroundings, most of us underestimate the issue. Nobody likes to worry about something prematurely. We prefer to block bad thoughts. And this is a mistake. After all, every day we try to make sure that we and our families feel good at our homes. That is why we pay so much attention to every little detail. That is why we decorate and equip our homes with so much care. So do not let anyone take that away from you!

Security can be simple and … beautiful

Have you ever seen a nice alarm? Until recently, I have not seen one either. Maybe that is why I completely ignored alarms. I always thought they were just  ugly on each and every wall, and that they were difficult to use. And whenever someone told me they had a camera at home, I was out. My privacy is the most important thing to me and I do not want anyone to have a chance to watch me. I prefer to show only what I want, when I want and where I want.

But everything changed when I got a very interesting gift. Elephant Door – because that is what it is called – is an alarm from my world. It looks like great and everything is in one small, elegant case. It is made from a nice material which is really pleasant to touch. Everything is elegant and even the smallest details are so well executed. It will certainly fit any modern apartment.

Interestingly, I mounted this amazing thing myself! I would have never thought that an alarm could be so easy to install. It literally took me just a few minutes. No tools, no cables, no problems. See yourself what it looks like at my home.


The elephant secures the door to my world

Elephant Door is to be placed on the door. Why? Because it is the easiest way for a burglar to enter your home. I quickly became friends with my new pet, always waiting for me at the door. It is really great that to control it. You do not need a remote control which, by the way, you can never find in your bag. I control it only with my iPhone and it is as easy as pie. It is interesting that you can use this alarm to secure any door, so it will be perfect for apartments, offices or even my walk-in closet!

Travelling around the world with my elephant

It is easy to imagine that Elephant Door can stay with you when you travel! It is a fully portable alarm installed with a magnet so we can change its location as often as we like. If we do not feel safe in any places where we stay when travelling, we can easily secure our room or apartment with this alarm. The alarm itself is so small that it easily fits in your favourite bag. I will definitely take it with me on my next trip to check how it works when I am away from home!

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website:

Finally, I have a surprise for you! Elephant Door is available on Amazon. Only for you, after entering this code ELDOOR20, you may get it £20 cheaper. Hurry because there’s only a few discounted products available.

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