Travel Tips – Road Trip in Confidence with a Car Loan


Whether travelling abroad or across Australia’s vast landscape, your trip can be a fun-filled newsworthy adventure or it can be an absolute disaster. Much of whether your trip goes smoothly begins long before your actual trip does. In fact, roadtrippers can guarantee their road-tripping experiences are great by simply being well-prepared.

Among the first considerations is accessing a durable and affordable vehicle through a car loan from Latitude or through traditional banking institutions. After financing a car, travellers only need to worry about planning, preparing, and packing for the many road trips that can be taken in Australia. You’ll be road tripping with confidence in a place where adventure sometimes can be met with unplanned misadventure, if not careful.

Keep reading for some useful tips to help you secure a financed vehicle to have the best experience on your next road trip.

Find The Perfect Deal

Before even settling on a loan, look at the various options available. Today’s consumers can finance a vehicle for as little as three years to as long as seven. Complete an inventory of your finances to see how to best purchase a vehicle, cost-effectively.

Also look at the various financial institutions to determine which offer the best rates. Consumers tend to do better when seeking financing outside of the dealership they’re buying from. Moreover, online financing and credit unions offer some of the most competitive rates, and these rates tend to be typically a lot lower than seeking funding through traditional institutions and the dealership.

Get Pre-Approved

Another way to reduce the amount of time spent in the dealership is to get pre-approved for a loan. A pre-approval does two things. Primarily, it brings you closer to being approved for a loan because many of preliminary steps related to taking out a loan have already been completed. Moreover, with the estimate provided, car buyers can reduce the amount of time spent shopping for a vehicle because the pre-approval amount will narrow down their choices. Ultimately, a pre-approval letter is a time-saving, cost-effective tool for those purchasing a car.

Seek Roadside Assistance

Because one of the central purposes of the car is to road trip, savvy car shoppers should look at vehicles that have roadside assistance included for the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s make and model, some dealerships offer roadside assistance for the vehicle for up to a defined time. This is a great tool when travelling because it alleviates the worry about something going awry on a trip.

If your dealership does not offer roadside assistance for your vehicle, you should still consider purchasing a package. Roadside assistance is a lifesaver when on the road and dealing with the many issues that arise when road tripping extensively. Many roadside assistance packages require a yearly fee, and this entitles members to a variety of benefits, including discounts on hotels and eating establishments.

Travel during off-peak times

If you’re looking to pack as many road trips as you can into your yearly itinerary but you’re also on a budget, consider travelling at off-peak times when hotel and petrol costs might be lower. Furthermore, the more popular locations tend to be less expensive when travelling off-season. For you, this might mean enjoying more cosy retreats at a reduced cost.

Know Your Discounts

A well-travelled man is a well-prepared one, and being prepared includes getting the most bang for your buck. Explore the various discounts available to travellers, and as stated earlier, look to discounts offered through travel packages to reduce costs. In the end, you might manage to squeeze in a few more trips yearly if budgeting consciously.

The Road Well-Travelled

Those planning to finance a car for road tripping purposes have an advantage in the many financing opportunities to them. Today’s consumers also have the benefit of the vast online landscape to secure the best travel deals and discounts. With Australia’s diverse landscape in mind and your favourite navigating app at the tips of your fingers, the secret to the perfect road trip is only a car key away.


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