Travel Really Does Make You Happier

Travel Really Does Make You Happier

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Travel Really Does Make You Happier – ‘Do what makes you happy’ is a simple mantra, and it’s one that’s adopted by many people, but what exactly does make us happy? The answer is travel. Yes, travel is the pursuit that unlocks the doors and lets happiness come flooding. That’s not just someone’s opinion – there’s research to back it up. Travel makes us happier. This is how.

The anticipation

If you’re a regular traveller, the very thought of planning a trip, and then proceeding from the intention to travel, to pinning down dates, booking accommodation and flights, deciding what to see, etc. the excitement kicks in a lot earlier than if you don’t travel so often. We’re not talking just a couple of days before boarding the plane or setting sail for your destination (or destinations!) here either, but as much as eight weeks before. Who couldn’t handle a natural high like that for a couple of weeks?

Apparently, happiness does dip slightly once you return, as you go back to everyday life and, of course, work (sniff). You will, however, feel happier for up to two weeks after the trip. It seems that the planning phase of the trip and the anticipation of travel are the key contributor to the happiness a holiday brings. This has led experts to suggest that, instead of planning one extra-long trip per year, you should plan several trips so that you feel happier more often. If you’re not sure where to go, why not browse Saga Travel, and see what kind of destination or style of travel works best for you?

New experiences

One of the other major factors in the joy of travel is the human capacity to adapt to objects over time. Spending money on material objects increases our happiness for a time, but then we adapt to that object, by getting used to using it and generally having access to it, and this satisfaction tends to deteriorate. There’s also an underlying pressure to ‘look all that’. As a result, we start looking to make new purchases to sustain our ‘happiness fix’ or just to keep up with the Joneses.

Travelling, on the other hand, is all about consuming experiences rather than material objects. We see new places, we meet new people, we observe different attitudes to life, we try foods we’ve never eaten before – in a nutshell, it’s all new to us. Not only that, we don’t have to keep these experiences to ourselves – we can share them with others there and then, or tell our friends, family, dinner party guests, business partners, and other acquaintances when we get back. This can all promote a sense of bonding, and you may even discover a kindred spirit in the process.

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Maintaining the vibe

Given that happiness levels dip once you get back to harsh normality and have to deal with the work that’s piled up at the office while you’ve been away, what can you do to stay on that happy high? One suggestion is to not to give yourself a day or two when you return from your trip to settle back in before it’s time to endure the daily commute, start on those reports again, put together that PowerPoint presentation and other tasks. Rejoining the rat race feeling rushed is not the way to go!

Forget about that sleek new sports car or glitzy sequined dress, or at least put them on the backburner for a while, and get out and see the world. It’s time to get happy!

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