Touching Ways to Include Missing Loved Ones in Your Wedding Day

Touching Ways to Include Missing Loved Ones in Your Wedding Day


Unfortunately, you can’t always have everyone you want at your wedding. It’s a shame that sometimes you have to invite people you don’t care that much about, but the people you want there can’t always make it. Whether they’ve passed away or they just aren’t able to come, it can be upsetting. However, you can find ways to include them, both for their enjoyment and for yours. During the day, you can weave them into the ceremony and reception. And afterwards, you can make sure they hear all about it.

Wedding Livestream

Modern technology makes it easier to share your day with anyone who can’t be there. Some venues will have the option of being able to livestream the ceremony on the internet. This is a fun option to allow people to watch from home, even if they’re halfway around the world. And you could even have a recorded version for later. Another way you could make sure they can watch is by using Skype or something similar. Set up a chair with a laptop on it and point the webcam towards the happy couple. Then Grandma or Uncle Bob can watch from Australia or from back home.

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Video and Photos

Recording your day for people to see later has been done for a long time. But as well as being for the benefit of the guests, it’s great for anyone who couldn’t attend. You could get some video of the ceremony and reception, and even record some messages for people. Choose a quality wedding photographer to take photographs that you can send through the mail or share online. If you select a documentary style, the photographer can capture a timeline of the whole day.

Mention Them During the Day

They might not be there to see it, but it can be touching to mention someone who can’t be there during the day. You could include them in the wedding programme, and then keep a copy to give to anyone who wants one. Mentioning people in your wedding speech is a good idea too. It’s more for your benefit and anyone else attending than for anyone who’s missing, but can it help you feel better. Just try to keep it short and sweet, and avoid spending five minutes rambling about each person.

Use Something from Them

You can also use something they gave you on your wedding day. It could be a necklace from your grandma or some candle holders your best friend got you. Think of how you can use things in your wedding to include people in the day. It could also be a bit more abstract, such as using them to inspire your party favours. Maybe you could give everyone some of your mum’s favourite chocolates or even bake something using a loved one’s recipe.

If you can’t change things to make sure someone can come to your wedding, you can still include them. Choose small ways to have them in your day and back both you and them happy.

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