Top Tips For Saving Money When Wedding Planning

Top Tips For Saving Money When Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning can be stressful at the best of times, however, it can also be super costly, too. Therefore, it is really important to get your finances in order before committing to any venues or inviting any guests. Here are some of our top tips for wedding planning on a budget!

Do It Without A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are super expensive! They’re one of the biggest costs about the whole wedding process and are to be avoided if you’re serious about saving cash. Hiring one could be a mistake! Be confident in your ability to plan your special day. Knowing that you’ll be calling all the shots means that you will definitely have it exactly as you’d want it, after all. If you’ve ever planned a birthday party or an extended period of traveling, then just think of your wedding day as one step up from that. It’s well within your means and capabilities! Don’t splash out on an expensive wedding planner because you don’t believe in yourself. You can do it!

Buy Your Dress On The Highstreet

You don’t need a boutique dress to look beautiful, something simply from the highstreet can have the same effect with the right styling. Remember, everything from your flowers, hair, makeup and suchlike can have an effect on the quality of your look. So, don’t feel like your dress has to be the focal point of your wedding outfit. Focus on other areas to help keep costs down. Highstreet dresses are of a good quality these days too. Check out my posts for more on them, here.

Winter Wedding?

Another truly excellent way to save money on your wedding is to host it in the winter months. Everybody longs for a beautiful, sunny day for their wedding day, but this, sadly, isn’t always the case – even in July and August! Therefore, you might as well chance it for a nice sunny day in the winter months. Weekends in March and October can still be warm enough for an outdoor ceremony. Venues and after parties will cost a whole lot less to hire out and host if you avoid the summer months.

Save Money On The Rings

Jewelry is incredibly expensive, and so you can expect the rings that you and your partner will be wearing for eternity to cost a fair bombshell. This needn’t be the case, though. Companies such as Enso Rings can provide a cost-effective solution for your wedding ring needs. There are lots of beautiful designs available on their website, so it is definitely worth checking it out. You needn’t spend the world on your wedding rings. After all, it’s the thought that counts and these are merely symbolic of the vows you have made to one another.

Hopefully, this post has helped you cut back on some of the expenses of planning a wedding. If you have any other tips for our newly engaged readers, then please do leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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