Top Stag Party Destinations

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Top Stag Party Destinations

Nowadays, there are too many destination choices thanks to the ever-increasing stag party locations. Deciding the kind of stag party destination you want is the hard part.  Do you want a classic stag party experience or a dirt-cheap getaway? Each of the following destinations will offer some of the things that you are looking for:


In this location, you will only spend a dollar or less on pints. To get a sense of Budapest, you will need to take a boat trip. If your friends are budding action heroes, they will love this destination, which has crazy shooting activities. To get the best of the nightlife in this city, you should head to Downtown Budapest or District 5.


Compared to most destinations, the booze in Prague is affordable. Apart from seeing wonderful sites such as Old Town Square and Prague Castle, you can participate in plenty of daytime activities while in Prague. Most of the nightlife is centered in Old Town, as there are too many spots from which you can choose. For a fun night in Prague, you should consider booking a bar guide to show you around the best hangouts.


Although the price of booze is not cheap in Amsterdam, some happy hour deals are worth it. While there, you should take advantage of the water and book a trip to the canals, which is a great way to see the city. The Red Light District makes this city a top stag destination. However, there is more to Amsterdam than the Red Light District; you can choose from a wide variety of bars and clubs.


If you know the right people, this can be the best stag party destination. You can head to the casinos and comedy clubs in Auckland to have a great time with your friends. As for the nightlife, you can never run out of things to do in this city. If you are looking for fun things to do in Auckland, you should click here to find out more.


Barcelona is full of beautiful beaches, which you can access easily thanks to the Metro system. If the weather is good, you should try adrenaline-filled activities such as parasailing and wakeboarding. El Born and Gothic Area are the places to be at night – you will find an array of bars and nightclubs that cater to different tastes in music. Barcelona is for night owls because the locals like to party late into the night.


When you consider that Hamburg is a wealthy city, you will find that the beer prices are reasonable. Since it is an old port city, you can take a river cruise to see the sights. Rifle shooting and paintballing are great stag party activities that you can do in Hamburg. For a fun night, you should head to the Reeperbahn, which gets very wild.


Having gone through two wars, Berlin is full of history. If you want to experience the sights like a local, you should consider doing it on foot. You can also choose from a variety of daytime activities in this German capital, including arrow tag and house running. If you love wild nights and techno music, Berlin is the place to be.


This city is a haven for beer lovers and you can tour the Munich Brewery if you want to see how they make local brew. Munich is the place for you if you like a VIP-style night out.

You should try one of the above stag party destinations. You never know, you might have the best time of your life.


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