Top Reasons Not to Use Tanning Injections

Here’s our Top Reasons Not to Use Tanning Injections, Sun Beds and other Tanning Danger

Despite the fact that tanning injections are not available to buy legally in the UK, they continue to be popular amongst tanning enthusiasts. Melanotan I and II is still available to purchase on the internet due to a legal loophole despite lack of rigorous clinical trials to ensure the products safety, and many people still insist on ignoring the advice of medical professionals who have denounced the product as potentially dangerous. There have even been recent reports in the news of deaths linked to the use of Melanotan. Here are the top reasons why you should avoid tanning injections all together.

Pain and Health Risks
Research on message boards about Melanotan will reveal several complaints from users of the skin stinging shortly after application as well as feelings of nausea and a limiting of appetite. One of the supposed benefits of Melanotan is that is also acts as a weight loss aid, which might seem like a dream come true, but you should always be wary of anything that oppresses your appetite and doesn’t have the approval of a medical professional. There have also been reports online of users having to be admitted to hospital due to infections and, in some extreme cases, the development of abscesses. Fake tan products like BeauBronz gradual tanner and Famous Daves medium tanner are not directly harmful to the skin and pose no internal risk, making them and other sunless tans the safest option in this case. You should be wary of any beauty product that causes you any kind of pain or discomfort.

Generally, people turn to alternative tanning methods because they want to avoid sunbeds. Nowadays it’s common knowledge that sunbeds are dangerous to use and significantly increase the risk of skin cancer and also contribute the premature ageing of the skin. However, tanning injections aren’t a pure alternative to sunbeds; in fact many Melanotan users continue to use sunbeds in order to make the effects of the injections last longer. Some sites that sell that product tell customers that a sunbed needs to be used in order to ‘activate’ the tan; so you may be using the sunbed less, but you’re still exposing yourself to the potential dangers of it as well the potential dangers of tanning injections.

If you have scars that are still healing, the injections will not do them any good. While they won’t delay the healing or cause any pain to you in the respect, they will probably heal a different shade from the rest of your skin. The deeper the scar, the longer you need to leave it to heal, and the pigmentation will not be ready. Melanotan also has the unfortunate side effect of altering the appearance of existing moles, freckles and so on, essentially masking what could be early signs of skin cancer.

Clearly, the risks presented with tanning injections are simply not worth taking. Those considering using tanning injections should be sure they carry out thorough research on the product before they even think of clicking the order button, and even then perhaps they would be better off sticking to the safer, healthier tanning alternatives.

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