What Are The Top Fashion Trends Predicted For Men In 2018


What Are The Top Fashion Trends Predicted For Men In 2018?

The trends in women’s fashion are often talked about – possibly because they change so much, and not just annually either; women’s fashion seems to change on an almost month to month basis. However, men’s fashion can be just as exciting, and just as innovative. It may not change quite as often as women’s clothing seems to, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some interesting new male clothing trends coming our way in 2018. Here are some examples of what to expect, and how to ensure you – or the man in your life – is dressed to impress.

No Padding

For the 2018 season, padding is a no-go zone. By the time spring rolls around, all jackets will be lightweight with much less (if any) filling in them. This makes sense for the season – it’s always good when fashion and the weather match up. It also makes sense from a design point of view; the flatter a jacket, the more it accentuates the figure underneath it. A big, padded jacket means that whoever is wearing it is lost within it, and it’s difficult to tell what the person really looks like.

Soft Fitting

If you’re not a fashionista, you may not know exactly what soft fitting means, but it’s much simpler and less scary than it might sound. Soft fitting is simply something that isn’t tailored. Jackets and trousers will be more in the soft fitting realm, so skinny jeans and tight tops will be replaced with anti-fitting outfits. We don’t mean going back to the baggy days of the 90s, but something that is more forgiving of the human form, and more comfortable, will sit on the clothing racks soon enough.


We’ve said we’re not going back to the 1990s, but we are going further back, towards the 70s. Everything was light, bright, and airy during that decade, and those feelings of freedom in men’s clothing are returning – and that’s a great thing. It means that everyone can be more outlandish in their clothing if that’s what they want. Bright shirts and flared trousers won’t look out of place; if you want to wear something that clashes, go for it. No one’s going to mind, and you’ll be right on trend.


Although you would probably associate accessories with women’s fashion, silk scarves being one of those accessories, men’s fashion is tackling them head-on in 2018, and many designers are including them in their finished looks. A silk scarf can be worn in a variety of ways, including – of course – around the neck, and even around the waist. Change that scarf for a pocket square in your new, floaty jacket, and you’ll look dashing and a la mode. Silk is going to be a popular embellishment on many an outfit during the next 12 months, so look out for it. If you’re looking to buy your man something a little different that will keep him on trend, a silk scarf could be just the thing.

Casually Sporty

The idea of wearing sports clothing such as jogging bottoms and trainers as everyday wear has been around for many a decade now. However, in 2018 it will all be ratcheting up a notch. Not only will wearing these items be acceptable, but it will also be fashionable thanks to designers such as Berluti who are including elasticated jogging bottoms in their 2018 collection. Cycling shorts will also be a big part of men’s fashion this year, and jackets that include zips and toggles too. You may not be able to wear them for actual sports – they’re far too nice for that – but they’ll look cool nonetheless.


Beards have certainly made a big comeback over recent years, and that trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. What is important is grooming – wild beards are not fashionable, so if you’ve got one, or you’re planning on growing one, you need to keep it in check. Something like beard oil by Bossman will keep it neat and tidy, and keep you fashionable to the extreme. Hair is another important aspect of styling. If you want to be trendy this year, keep things a little longer, and use products to keep everything in place – think Elvis, then tone it down a bit, and you’ve got it bang on.


Remember when big, brash logos defined fashion? Logos are still important – designers want people to know what their clothes look like, and it’s good advertising – but in a much smaller way. Logos will still be present on men’s clothing in 2018, only nestled neatly on a pocket, or tucked away so that, although there, it won’t be ‘in your face’ and too garish. Less is more these days, and Dior Homme does this extremely well, keeping its Paris address in view of everyone, but having it discreetly printed on tops and scarves.


2018 is the year that men will be wearing flowery, fun, funky, loud and lovely embroidered clothing. Embroidered denim is going to be a big thing, with both jeans and jackets leading the way. At the moment, these embroidered delights are an off the rack kind of purchase, but if the trend really does take off in the way that is predicted, it surely won’t be long until savvy entrepreneurs are offering to embroider plain old denim in (pretty much) any pattern or design that can be thought of.


Our love for cords waxes and wanes, but in 2018 they’re back, and stronger than ever. Worn in an iconic, retro style with turn-up, lace-up shoes, and a fashion-forward knit (nothing oversized, that trend is long gone), you can really look chic and sophisticated while being smart and – perhaps most importantly – comfortable. Colors will depend on the season, of course, but we’re really looking at browns and blacks. The brightness will come from the embroidered patterns, and the colorful shirts that are really going to take the fashion world by storm this year.



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