Tom Ford Signature Facial for Men

Tom Ford Signature Facial for Men

imageNowadays most of us understand the importance of following a decent skincare regime in order to look our best. Chances are however, if you are relying on your routine alone to look good then you need to think again. It’s highly likely that even a daily routine (which is essential for everyday maintenance of our skin) just isn’t cutting it in terms of looking our absolute best. So guys, with the party season now upon us we all want to be looking uber fresh and what better way to help achieve this than to treat your skin to a facial. Many factors including stress, diet and of course the elements all take their toll on our skin especially the face.

Not a fan of facials? Neither was I. I’ve had facials in the past and in all honestly I’ve always felt disappointed. In my view a ‘facial’ was just an expensive hour out of my day paying someone to apply skin products to my face. It’s a process I felt I could do at home, myself, with my own products without all the fuss. I did realise however that my skin needed something extra to give it a boost. Being an 80s child, I have become more and more receptive to new ideas. I was eager to adapt and enhance my routine before gravity took its toll on my ever youthful and rugged complexion (cough cough).

Massage on the other hand is a treatment that I do enjoy. Who doesn’t? I am a sucker for a decent massage and I have them as regularly as possible. So, you could imagine my delight when I connected with industry leading facialist Peter Rixham and discovered he offers many treatments that incorporate massage techniques in facial treatments. This sounded like a facial with a difference and I wanted to experience it.

I opted for the ‘Signature Face Treatment for Men’ using the very luxurious Tom Ford Grooming range.

Before I give you the breakdown of my treatment let me reassure you that beards are very welcome. Admittedly it was the first question I had for Peter having sported my facial fuzz for a number of years now. Obviously exposed skin benefits more from the products but the face massage is the same with or without a beard.

After a quick consultation Peter started with a back, shoulders and neck massage “We hold a significant amount of tension in our back, shoulders and neck and unsurprisingly this tension shows up on our faces. Even the most skilled poker face can’t hide this type of tension and therefore I always start my face treatments with a mini back & shoulder massage.”

To start the treatment my skin was cleansed using the Tom Ford Cleanser, perfect for normal and combination skin types. Gentle and yet effective and it smells great.

Peter then applied the Clinique Exfoliation Scrub (there’s no exfoliant currently in the Tom Ford range). This was followed by the Clinique face scrub, (part of the Estee Lauder group) but for more sensitive skins he uses a cream exfoliant that contains fruit enzymes, they are less abrasive in removing dead skin cells.

I then enjoyed a face massage which is a specifically designed routine to promote circulation, aid lymphatic drainage and tone and lift facial muscles. “I like to think of my face massage routine as a real workout for the face muscles. Increasing circulation is crucial and bringing with that influx of oxygenated blood loads of nutrients to keep the face looking at its best. There is also a lot of lymphatic drainage included in this massage to clear the tubes, particularly at this time of the year when there are a lot of bugs going around and our bodies can feel naturally sluggish. However, the highlight of this massage sequence is that it is designed to tone and lift the muscles-easing tension in the jawline but strengthening the cheek muscles and temple area to help combat sagging.”

Next up was the Tom Ford Mask which is a clay and bamboo charcoal mask that when first applied is a deep green. As the mask sets the colour dries to grey and you can actually see deep pores in the mask develop as it extracts excess oil and dirt from the face. Whilst waiting for the mask to do its job the ever attentive Peter treated me to a free hand massage. However, if you prefer to nod off for 10 mins you can the choice is yours. My mask was removed using sponges to avoid cotton wool in the stubble. This man knows what he is doing.

The Tom Ford Serum – Key aspects are how quickly it absorbs and leaves a matt finish. Packed with powerful ingredients – admittedly pricey but will really help to hydrate and restore your skin over time. Best to apply at night so that it can work while you sleep. Don’t forget your neck.

The Tom Ford Moisturiser – Key aspects are once again the quick absorption rate and the matt finish – you are not going to look like an oil slick with this product but still have great hydration. Ginger is one of the ingredients and has a warming affect.

The Tom Ford Eye Cream – Key aspect is the metal tipped applicator which helps to cool the delicate under eye area.

Neck Massage – “Depending on what I find whilst massaging the face and neck I will include some appropriate exercises, mini massage of the neck and shoulders at the end as well and demonstrate how a client can repeat these at home.”

Afterwards, Peter gave me specific aftercare advice based on his analysis of my skin. I was also given information on facial exercises I could do at home. This guy is a master of his craft and I felt the benefits almost immediately. I must also stress the Tom Ford products felt and smelt amazing! This is a non-traditional facial treatment and I urge you guys to check it out. I left the clinic feeling reinvigorated and super relaxed. I thoroughly recommend it. An experience I’m keen to repeat VERY SOON!

With thanks to Peter Rixham

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