Tips On Preparing For An Employment Tribunal Hearing

Tips On Preparing For An Employment Tribunal Hearing

Tips On Preparing For An Employment Tribunal Hearing

Tips On Preparing For An Employment Tribunal Hearing – Sometimes a place of employment doesn’t work out as it should, and if an employee feels they have been unfairly dismissed, they might want to take things further, and go to an employment tribunal. This is a serious and difficult thing to do, so you must be completely prepared for it. Here are some tips on what to do.


A case at an employment tribunal can easily be won or lost on the evidence that is given – it is usually the most important part of the entire process. The judge will want to know why you dismissed the person who is taking you to court, the evidence that pointed you to that decision, and whether there were any alternative options that might have been possible for you to take. Having expert evidence such as that provided by a computer forensics expert who will be able to show details of any digital correspondence that has been deleted, but that could make your case, will be essential. Ensure that this is all prepared in advance so that you don’t have to delay matters, or, worse, have no evidence to present at all.

Understand Why

As uncomfortable as it may feel, it’s important to really understand the case being made against you. You should be able to review the ET1 claim form that is part of the case, and this will help you to find out exactly why the claimant has opened a tribunal, and what your responses could be in reply to the questions that will be asked. If the allegation against your company is true, it’s best to just accept it rather than denying it and risk damaging your reputation.


You should choose witnesses who can give good evidence in your defence. This will be the person who dismissed the claimant (if they are not you), and their manager (again, assuming these are different people) if possible. They should be able to confidently explain why the person bringing the claim was dismissed. They should prepare a witness statement in advance which will set out the witness’s version of what happened – and of course, it must be completely true. Witnesses won’t have to memorize these documents; they can read them out, and if there is any supporting evidence, they should be able to remind themselves of this before the trial. Sometimes an employment tribunal trial can take place many months after the dismissal happened.

What To Wear

Making a good impression in court is important. Part of this is your behavior and your evidence. Part of it will be what you wear. For men, a suit and tie works well, and for women a tailored suit. It should be fairly formal wear, but as long as it is neat and tidy there are no set rules. If the workplace that is being represented has a uniform then it may be best to wear that, although asking for advice is a good idea before committing to an outfit.

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