Tips for choosing a conservatory that looks just right for your home


Renovating your home is always exciting whether it be a new kitchen, the addition of a log burner, the fitting of a new bathroom, having a loft conversion or choosing a new conservatory. However, we know all too well that the number of decisions that come with renovating can make life a little stressful. This is something that rings even more true when it’s a big change to your home, such as choosing a new conservatory.

When it comes to conservatories, there are a whole range of unique styles and designs that cater to all tastes and are suitable for all homes. Before you choose the style, it’s wise to consider how you’re going to use your new conservatory as this will help you decide which design fits best.

Different Styles and Designs

The most popular style of conservatory is Victorian. This design sports a pitched roof and suits any home, it’s a great choice if you’re main motivator is increased space. Like the Victorian, the Edwardian is slightly more modern as it generally uses a flat front, it is ideal to be used as a dining room due to its spaciousness. If you are seeking a more modern design, a lean-to may be perfect for you owing to its simplicity.

 Also known as a Georgian conservatory, a gable features a triangle front which maximises the light that fills the room, a good choice for gardens where space is limited. However, if space isn’t a problem, a P-shaped conservatory may be for you as it combines the lean-to with the Victoria meaning it’s ideal for open-plan living and suits larger homes perfectly. Moving down the alphabet a little, a T-shaped conservatory is the perfect choice to help you make the most of your new addition as it allows you to split the extension into two rooms as its central projection can either be a Victorian or Gable design. Like the gable style, a loggia conservatory is ideal for allowing light into the room, with an Italian twist, the loggia uses full length glazed panels.

There are a vast array of conservatory styles and it can be hard to know where to choose from but thankfully, most companies are versatile. The likes of Polar Bear Windows cater for every style meaning you can get the exact conservatory that’s right for your individual circumstances. It is wise to spend a lot of time designing your new extension as a conservatory has an unlimited amount of uses; it could be used as living room, dining room, children’s toy room, a man-shed, you name it. If you lust after a bigger kitchen, it could even become a kitchen extension, allowing for an open-plan flow between your cooking and dining area. With some quality windows, such as those from Polar Bear Windows, the wide-reaching views allow the extension to become the perfect garden room, so you can admire your outside space from the comfort of your home.


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