Tips and Advice to Make Your Home More Spacious!

Tips and Advice to Make Your Home More Spacious!


Having a spacious home is very desireable. No matter how big your home is currently, you can make it appear more spacious if you’re determined. Whether you live in a 6 bed detached house or a 2 bed semi, this advice can help you. Take a look and see if you find anything you can use!

Install Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Floor to ceiling shelves are absolutely perfect for making the most of your vertical space. By making the most of your vertical space, you free up floor space and make any room appear much larger. The closer you have the shelves to the ceiling, the more it’ll draw the eye upward and make things seem bigger too. You can use floor to ceiling shelves in any room of the house to make it appear larger. If you only have one row of shelves in a room, install them closer to the ceiling and see for yourself what effect this has on the size of the room.

Make the Most of Light Colours

Making the most of light colours in your home will add the illusion of more space. Light colours make a room seem larger, while darker colours can make the room seem like it’s closing in. If you already have some small rooms in your home, then you want to make sure you haven’t painted them dark colours, making them seem even smaller. Colours like white, beige, cream, taupe, and grey are perfect for small rooms and making them appear larger. They naturally reflect light. If you want to add in some colour, you can easily do that with your accessories.

Include Patterns

If you prefer to include a little more personality into your home, you can use patterns too. Just as you would use stripes in an outfit to make you appear slimmer, you can use them in a room to make it appear larger. The way you use patterns can have a huge impact on your home!

Install a Glass Balustrade System

A glass balustrade system will not only make your home safer and more practical, it can make it appear larger too. Thanks to the transparent glass, the eye will automatically assume that the space is bigger. This infographic can give you more information and help you to choose a system that is right for you and your home.

Reflect Light With Mirrors

Mirrors are amazing for reflecting light around a room and making it seem larger. Use large mirrors in any room in the house to make it seem double the size! The best places to have large mirrors are in the bathroom over the sink, and on the biggest wall of the living room. However, there are no rules and you can place yours wherever you think best.


If you’re not prepared to de-clutter your space, you can’t expect it to look its best! Take your time to get rid of things that you no longer need, use, or want. You must be vigilant here! De-cluttering takes time and you’ll have to work on not hoarding things you’ve had for a long time. If you haven’t used something in 6 months, chances are, you won’t use it. Make a pile of things to give to charity, things to sell, and things you use only occasionally. The things you use occasionally should be put into storage rather than left out all the time. For instance, your smoothie maker. Leaving it on the kitchen side seemed like a  good idea at first, but if you only use it once a month, what’s the point? It’s just taking up valuable space.

Clean Up

Not only do you need to de-clutter, you need to clean up. You don’t need to get rid of everything you own. Simply take the time to look around and clean areas you haven’t taken care of for a while. This will make the place brighter overall and instantly make it feel more spacious. Dust corners that don’t get much attention, have a thorough session with the vacuum cleaner, etc. See what a difference a spring clean can make!

Make Your Furniture Double Up

Making your furniture double up is a brilliant way to save space. You can buy sofas and beds that have drawers underneath them, so you can store items as well as have comfortable furniture to use. If you’re not choosing furniture that has storage, make sure it has space beneath it. For instance, a sofa where you can see the legs. You can also have sinks and vanity areas that don’t touch the floor, creating more space visually.

Pull Your Furniture Away from the Wall

Make sure you’re not doing what virtually everybody does, and having their furniture pushed right up against the wall. You’d think this would make your home appear more spacious, but it doesn’t. Actually, pulling your furniture away from the wall is the way to make your home feel more spacious. It looks so much better and less cramped!

Choose Big Decorations, But Less of Them

Instead of having smaller decorations cluttering up the place, choose big decorations. They’ll take up more space, but you’ll have less of them. Visually, this creates a less cluttered space and a more balanced room. Having too many little decorations scattered around will create clutter. Choose something big that you absolutely love, and that will look so much better.

Bigger Furniture for Smaller Room

You might think you need to pick small pieces of furniture for a smaller room, but this isn’t the case. Choose bigger furniture for a smaller room. For instance, if you have a small lounge area, choose one large sofa that fills the space, rather than multiple little chairs. This makes better use of the space and makes it look bigger straight away.

Dramatic Art

There’s nothing quite like displaying your favourite works of art in the home, and doing it can actually create space in a room. Displaying dramatic artwork on a big or small wall will add depth to the room too.


Sliding Doors

Having sliding doors rather than doors that open and close allow you to keep them open, making a space instantly feel larger. It’s almost like having an open plan room, except you can close the door when you need some privacy. If your doors need replacing, consider having them replaced with sliding doors.

Uncover Your Windows

Do you have big, heavy window coverings? They could be making your home look much smaller. Choosing light, airy curtains or even uncovering your windows completely is a brilliant way to make a room feel and look bigger. You’ll let natural light in too, which is a bonus. Natural light not only makes a room look bigger, but has plenty of other benefits too. It can even wake you up and make you more productive! If you will want privacy sometimes, then make sure you choose blinds. They can be completely opened up to let light in when you need to.

Improve the Flow of Traffic

How is the traffic flow in your home, currently? One of the best things you can do is improve the flow of traffic throughout your home. How do you do this? Take a walk around and make a note of what feels easy, and what feels difficult. If you have to walk around a load of obstacles before you can get to another room, then it’s time to rethink the layout. Everybody should be able to walk through your home easily and freely. You shouldn’t have to jump over obstacles or bang into things on your way. You can even use feng shui if you like, as a way to make things feel more free flowing. There are also apps online that can help you to come up with the perfect lay out.

Carefully Choose What You Display

Many homes have a few different collections that they display proudly on the mantle or somewhere people will see. However, you can’t display every single thing you own. You must carefully choose what you display. Your favourite souvenirs and things that mean something to you. Keep some things in storage and swap them over every now and again if you like. Just don’t feel compelled to display everything at once!

Have Multiple Lighting Options

Rather than having one type of lighting overhead, which will make the room seem smaller, have multiple lighting options. Having lamps and other kinds of lighting all around the room will help to make the place appear bigger. You’ll have a different kind of lighting for every occasion too!

See? It’s really easy to make your home appear more spacious when you use the tips in this guide. By carefully choosing your colour scheme, storage, and the way you lay everything out, you could make your home feel double the size. People might even ask you if you’ve had an extension! Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Leave your comments below!

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