Throwing A Better Party Than Your Friends

 Throwing A Better Party Than Your Friends

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There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, and, whether you’re celebrating as a freshman at college or living it large as a young adult looking to forget their responsibilities for one night, there’s no greater competition to hold with your friends than who can throw the best party. Of course, having the party spirit is one thing, but actually putting together a party by yourself as the host and planner is quite another. You’ll need to put your party spirit on hold for just one second whilst you screw on your sensible, organizational brain. If you really want to throw a better party than your friends then here are some of the top tricks and tips that go into the perfect party.


Now that you’ve got your sensible head screwed on, it’s time to make a plan for this perfect party. You should start by writing down your budget before doing anything else. If you’re a student then this might be a considerably lower figure than a working adult; of course, it should be a low budget if you want to save some of your funds for study books and other essentials that will help you get your degree. No party is worth bankrupting yourself.

No matter how young or old you are, you need to have a figure in your head and then start writing down ideas as to the things you’d like at this party. Look up the costs of each item and, if you go over the budget, make the hard decision of cutting out things you don’t need. Alternatively, search around for cheaper options. The point is that you need to check you can afford all the amazing things you want for your party before you go promising them to everyone. You can throw a better party than your friends without going into debt.

Give a false start time.

Every party expert knows that the key to ensuring your party starts as successfully as it means to go on is to give a false start time. Some people may be punctual, but there’s a trend amongst the majority of partygoers to turn up to events late either because they were at another party first, they were drinking and taking forever to get ready with their buddies or they simply wanted to look cool. If you have friends that you know like to turn up fashionably late then be a little sneaky and tell them that the party starts an hour earlier than it actually does. They’ll think they’re turning up late, but they’re actually turning up dead on time. That way, you avoid a dead vibe during the early hours of your party and ensure that you’re on your way to throwing the best party out of all your friends.

Get the music right.

Music is everything at a party. People might be intoxicated out of their minds and barely managing to sing along to any of the hits being played, but that doesn’t matter. The perfect party is one which creates the right vibe, and you need a playlist which is relentless. We’ve all been to parties which had some weaker moments in terms of the tracks that were chosen, so avoid the slow ballads and ensure you have hours of pumped up tunes.

You might want to look into bookshelf speakers from Q Acoustics as well, as it’s not only the music that counts but making sure that everyone can hear it. Maybe you’ll hire a DJ, and maybe you won’t. Don’t worry about the logistics; just make sure you’re playing tracks that everyone can hear and everyone will enjoy. A great playlist can make or break a party, as the right kind of music can completely change everyone’s mood.

Food and drink.

If you’re inviting fifty people to your party then you might not have the funds to afford food for everyone. Still, ordering some pizzas and getting everyone to chip in is the difference between a top night during which everybody drinks a little too much but has a great time or that night during which everybody drinks on an empty stomach and ends up ruining your bathroom. You want people to get drunk and have a good time, but not to drink so much and feel so awful that they ruin the evening for themselves and everyone else. If you want to throw a better party than your friends then your friends need to actually remember the party.

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