How To Throw The Perfect NYE Party


Christmas has only just ended but if you’ve decided to throw your own NYE party this year then there is a to do list that needs to be tackled! Our tips on throwing the ultimate party to should help you out.




Make a guest list

Making a guest list allows you to keep track of exactly how many people are coming into your home. Take into account of where you are living, a flat or a house. Don’t invite 50+ people if you live in a small space  – keep it manageable.

Send out invitations well in advance  

You should have already done this and preferably at the beginning of December so you have time to account for any cancellations or people wanting to bring plus ones. Ask your guests to confirm by a certain date so you have an exact number and can plan everything else around that. However if it’s all a bit last minute then the quickest way to get the message out is a Facebook event or a Whatsapp group chat.

Ask guests to contribute 

Alcohol is expensive, especially if you’ll be buying large quantities. Ask your friends and guests to bring a bottle of wine/spirit/mixer  or a pack of beers to the party and there will be plenty to carry everyone on through midnight.

Tuck away any breakable and valuable items 

Hopefully your guests will be mindful of you  home but when everyone has had a drink or two you can never tell. Put away anything that can be damaged or broken easily and you”ll have one less thing to worry about.

Invite neighbours 

Rather than run the risk of any noise complaints or getting into unnecessary arguments take the initiative and invite your neighbours. What better way to avoid any drama and get to know your neighbours at the same time? And if any neighbours decline then at least they know that you are throwing a party and to expect some noise – leave it as an open invitation so they still have the option to come.

Set up a photo booth. 

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth,  with silly props and endless selfie opportunities they are always fun. It can be quite pricey to hire a professional photo booth; who has the money to spare after Christmas. So pop down to any discount or party supply store and you can be sure to find dozens of props that your friends can make good use of.  Ask someone to bring a good quality camera, find a good spot with blank walls and good light  and voila, your very own photo booth.

Create an easy to eat menu 

Take into account any allergies or dietary requirements and build your menu from there. Forego  boring finger sandwiches and go for foods that are easy to put together and can be eaten without plates and utensils. Think mini burgers, hotdogs, sushi and nachos. For an extra dose of fun set up a chocolate fountain! It may also be best to stock up on some frozen pizzas in case  your guests start to get the drunk munchies late into the night.


Enjoy it!

Last but not least you should enjoy your own party. Don’t stress the small stuff and unless something major happens, keep a cool head. People will be drunk and merry so go with the flow and relax.


Mahum Masood
Mahum Masood is a recent journalism graduate from City University – one of the highest ranked universities for journalism in the world. Born and bred in East London she loves discovering all the new places and pop ups that make the area so exciting. Currently interning at a graphic design agency in Shoreditch as their Communications Managers. She has previously worked for Made In Shoreditch, an online magazine, and continues to create content for them.She also writes for Hercampus.com/CityUniversity – a student blog that was originally started 3 years ago and then franchised by the American company HerCampus - a hugely popular online community for women at university across the globe. Her interests include reading till her eyes go fuzzy, collecting fashion magazines and spending most of her time in a cinema.

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