Throw Caution to the Wind with Quirky Home Decor

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Throw Caution to the Wind with Quirky Home Decor

style diary

Nowadays, so many people’s homes look the same. Cream walls, neutral carpets, oak tables and plain leather couches. Perhaps some bright scatter cushions to add a splash of color. It works. It’s easy, and it’s unoffending. But do you want your home to be part of the ten a penny homes in your neighborhood? Your home is your space, and it should reflect your personality. Now, let’s be honest. Are you that vanilla a person? It’s time to mix things up a bit. Here are some quirky concepts to get your imagination back into gear.


Say goodbye to cream, vanilla and mushroom paints. That’s not to say you have to go wild and paint every room in your home a zesty orange or magnificent magenta. But there are so many alternative colors to overused neutral tones. Think teal, plum or rust. Find a color that reflects your personality to create a home that matches you. If you’re feeling a little hesitant, try out a feature wall. Keep neutral tones for all walls but one, where you can let your creativity flow with bold tones or an extravagant wallpaper.


Every home has furniture. But that’s not to say that all furniture has to be the same. It’s simple enough to get some flat pack products. They’re cheap, and if they can’t withstand the trouble of being moved from room to room or home to home, they’re easily replaceable. Rid your mind of this logic. Statement furniture is expensive. It’s logical: items are made of stronger materials, are often handmade or hand finished and aren’t easily reproducible. But this is what makes them worth every penny! The most common fear that people have when buying statement pieces is that they will end up ruined. But that just means they require a little more care. Clean them with the recommended products and use services like shiply to move them around without causing damage. Throw caution to the wind and get that vintage bookcase, that handmade couch or the handpainted set of drawers you’ve had your eye on. Furniture is always worth the investment and will be a focal point of any room.


Brighten up wooden floors with a plush, dense rug. Rugs are a simple way to change the feel of a room without forking out for a brand new carpet. Experiment with different shapes, textures, and patterns. They are also easily interchangeable. You could even get creative and try your hand at making your own. Consider a thin, flatwoven lighter runner for the summer months. Roll it up and tuck it away in the attic, replacing it with a shaggy, luxurious rug for the cold winter.


Natural lighting is great for the day. But come evening, you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your home and this is where artificial lighting comes into play. The choices are numerous: pendant lights, spotlights, flush lights, wall lights, free-standing lamps, table lamps. That’s without even going into individual styles! You name it; there are endless options out there. Get searching for the best option for you.

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