Things you probably didn’t think about when choosing flooring

Things you probably didn’t think about when choosing flooring

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Choosing flooring for your home can be a nightmare. It’s so difficult to know what it’s going to look like once it’s down. Not knowing what type of style you’re going to like in years to come can make picking even harder. Whatever room you’re decorating, there are basic steps you can follow for stress-free decorating.

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Creating a moodboard of what you do and don’t like is super important. One thing that we always get caught up in when creating moodboards is only looking at things we like. Putting together themes and concepts that we don’t like, is equally as important. Exploring all options helps us find what we like and why. Creating these visual aids will make the decision process easier.

Don’t limit yourself just to the internet, though. There are lots of different home magazines that might help you explore different styles. Home magazines are an excellent way to find different brands that might be suitable for decorating your home, too.

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Assessing the area

Sometimes, what we like isn’t necessarily the best thing for our home. Dark colors can make rooms feel small, while lighter colors can make a room feel spacious. Consider how much natural light you have in your room. You will also need to take into consideration the type of feel you want in your room.

Understanding your needs

Do you have children? Or do you have lots of dinner parties? Think about what you are using your room for. Whatever room you are choosing flooring for, work your design around that. These decisions all impact what flooring you’ll choose.

While you might find something wipeable like tiles is more suitable for a busy kitchen. Patterned carpet might be best for children’s bedroom. Materials like seagrass are also suitable for interior porches and hallways. Jute and other similar products are hardwearing and it’s easy to maintain natural flooring.

Get some samples

Before committing to whatever you choose, get some samples. Go to your local store and pick up some sample tiles. If you can’t find something you want in a nearby store, look online. There are lots of different stores available on the internet that send samples.   

What might look okay on the shop floor or your computer screen, may not look how you imagine in your house. It’s important to see how the material looks on your floor in the room you plan to lay it. Lay down the samples and look at it at different parts of the day. It’ll look different depending on if it’s in the sun or not.

Get some advice

No matter how many articles you read online, nothing beats talking to an expert. They’ll be able to give you advice and recommendations to best fit your needs. Speaking to your friends and family can help you come to a conclusion, too. If you don’t, you might later regret it and it’ll be a nightmare to change!

Do you have any tips for choosing flooring?

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