These Changes Will Revolutionize Your Bedroom

These Changes Will Revolutionize Your Bedroom

Crown Ottoman Storage Bed
Crown Ottoman Storage Bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you spend every night, and where you wake up every morning. So, it needs to look and feel incredible. Struggling to achieve this? Fear not. These are the things you need to change in order to revolutionize your bedroom!


The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom and, as a result of this, yours needs to be perfect! You’ll need to find the perfect compromise between style, comfort and affordability. These factors are super important when choosing where to sleep each night. Will you opt for a single, a double, a queen or maybe even a king-sized mattress? It’s up to you! Just make sure whatever you buy is beautiful, comfy, spacious and in-keeping with the rest of your furniture. As much as you want your bed to stand out, you don’t want the reason to be because of some ghastly contrast! Imagine the oak cladding on your headboard conflicting horribly with your maple wood chest of drawers and wardrobe! If you’re short of storage, maybe opt for a stylish storage bed instead?



Getting the lighting right in your home is key to achieving the perfect ambiance in the bedroom. Investing in LED bulbs, as opposed to regular halogen ones, can really save you some cash, too. The light emitted from an LED bulb, available from companies such as I am LED, is much brighter, crisper and more energy efficient. If you have spotlights above or around your dressing table, then this is ideal for when you’re getting ready in the morning! Mood lighting and toning are also a very big trend in the lighting market at the moment. Consider picking up some, rather expensive, Hue LED lights from a coming like Philips. With these, you can alter the colours of your LEDs through a smartphone or tablet – wirelessly! That way, you can wake up to cool blue tones in the morning, and fall asleep to deep reds at night. The choice is yours!


Once you’re all cuddled up in bed with your side lamp on, you’re going to want a quick bit of entertainment before bed. This can range from anything between watching a movie on TV or just playing on a simple application or game on your iPad. If you’re a big film buff, then consider wall-mounting a television on the wall opposing your bed for some enjoyable night time viewing! Your best bet is to pick up a 4K model by any of the leading manufacturers, because as with HD sets, 4K is going to get big, and quick! So don’t get left behind by buying aging technology. If you’re just after a swift round of Crossy Road, then one must recommend Apple’s iPad Mini – it’s the perfect form-factor for using in bed!

Ultimately, if you switch up these three things within your bedroom, then the room is going to be completely revolutionized. It’s worth splashing that extra bit of cash on some gorgeous luxury items to make your bedroom the sanctuary that you deserve it to be!

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