The Woman’s Must Read Guide To Dressing For Any Occassion


The Woman’s Must Read Guide To Dressing For Any Occassion


Looking good all year round can seem like a constant struggle. For some of us, killing it during the summer months is like a walk in the park – simple, easy and a total breeze. But then winter pops up and we’re stuck looking frumpy in oversized jumpers and hats that don’t do us any favours.

It’s even worse when you’ve got places to be but nothing to wear for them. Working out what’s appropriate for a black tie event versus what’s expected from a casual get together with the girls can be somewhat of a minefield to navigate, but struggle no more with this easy to follow guide on what to wear for any occasion.

  1. Keeping it casual

If you’re wanting to look casual and want to avoid looking overdressed at all costs then opt for an informal dress code. Informal dress code you might ask? Well, that’s basically anything that you feel most comfortable in. Jeans, t-shirt and converse might be your go-to choice but then you might feel equally comfortable in leggings and a leather jacket.

  1. Casual Chic

This is one step up from dressing casual but still not quite figure hugging dress and killer stilettos. This is great for the weekends as you can look trendy but also feel comfortable whilst doing your favourite things too. Impress the girls by turning up to your coffee date in a casual coordinates set.

  1. Not quite office but definitely not street

Being told to dress in smart casual clothes can often confuse us ladies. It’s okay for men who can wear a shirt and trousers for any occasion but for us women it’s a little trickier. Definitely don’t opt for jeans as they are considered to be casual and remember to cover up a little more than you would with previous styles. Skirts certainly aren’t out for the count but make sure they are a reasonable length – I’m talking knee high or longer. You can experiment with bright colours and quirky fabrics though, so don’t resign yourself to a more modest outfit just yet.

  1. Suited and booted

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A suit? But aren’t those for men? Absolutely not. Times have changed ladies and it’s now considered super fashionable to be wearing a suit. They’ve been trending this fall as they are super sexy, can be worked casually or formally and they make any woman wearing them look super elegant. If you’re wanting to look great at work then there are plenty of places that sell formal suits for women at a reasonable price.

  1. Whack out your best for cocktail time

After a hard week at work, there’s nothing better than meeting with your friends to let down your hair and have a cocktail or two. This is when you bring out the best you’ve got ladies! Reveal a bit of leg in your above the knee outfits and make sure feet suffer with those painfully high but equally gorgeous heels you’ve just been dying to wear all week.

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