The Ultimate Packing Guide for Campervan Road Trips

campervan roadtrip

One of the beauties of taking a campervan road trip in the USA is that you can carry everything you want and need with you. A campervan really is a home from home, so you are able to take along your favorite skillet, the kids’ favorite toys, and any sports equipment you enjoy while on vacation such as bicycles or kayaks. You can’t focus on all the fun things – you need to consider the necessities too when planning a campervan road trip in the USA. Necessities like these:

Equipment for the Van

No one likes to think about anything going wrong with their vehicle on a road trip, but these things do happen. At a minimum you need to have the equipment to change a flat tire on your campervan; this includes a heavy duty jack and a legal spare tire. It also helps to carry a set a jump leads and snow chains if you’re road tripping in winter.

Clothing and Shoes

Without the restriction of suitcases, you have a much wider opportunity to build your holiday wardrobe in a campervan. The clothes you pack can account for all weathers and all activities you are going to be doing, so there’s plenty of room for beachwear, hiking boots, wet weather gear, fishing waders, wet suits for surfing … whatever you need. The weather is important to consider. You might not associate a campervan with winter sports holidays but by adding van insulation to your campervan conversion with products recommended by, you can go skiing in Vail or snowboarding in Big Sky knowing your van will keep you warm and toasty.

Electrics and Electronics

It seems that unless you make a conscious decision to have a digital detoxon your road trip, electronics and electrics have become essential items. We have come to rely on our smartphones and tablets to stay connected with society and also to provide entertainment. A phone also provides you lots of benefits on a road trip such as maps and sat nav, apps for finding restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, and attractions. Your campervan might have a TV, or you can connect to your tablet, and you might even have room for a DVD player, so you can watch a movie on the road.


In a campervan you don’t face the restrictions of liquids in luggage that air passengers have to contend with. You can pack the van with the minimum of keeping clean – shampoo, shower lotion, soap and toothpaste, or you can take your entire stash of products for your full beauty and makeup routine if you wish.

Kitchen Items

To make the most of the kitchen facilities in your campervan, pack a good set of cooking and food preparation equipment. Think about multi-use items as they save space. You need to have enough equipment to make the meals you like to eat but avoid packing too many “just in case” items. Be sure to have a can opener, a selection of knives, a colander, pans, plates, drinking vessels, and a corkscrew. Of course, if you want, you can use disposable cutlery and paper plates if you want to spend less time washing up!

The whole point about packing for a campervan road trip is making sure you have the essentials before the “nice to haves” but there’s usually space for both!


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