The Ultimate Lifestylist Gift Guide for Men

The Ultimate Lifestylist Gift Guide for Men

With Christmas now just a matter of weeks away, you’ve probably been juggling all the options for what to get your other half this year. With different budgets at your disposal and a man with very limited interests, it can be a tricky task getting a guy something he’s actually going to use and appreciate.

So, to save you the headaches and stress of the 21st Century high streets and shopping centres, The Idle Man’s Editor, Luke McCarthy, has put together his 10 gift ideas that will bring a (genuine) smile to any man’s face this festive season. From clothes to gadgets, there’s something for every type of guy in here.

  1. The Idle Man Overcoat 


Buying clothes for a guy can be dodgy ground but there’s some things every man needs in his wardrobe, if it’s to be a complete collection. An overcoat is great for the office, pub and even those all-too-regular dinner dates he should be treating you to! Easily paired with any shirts, jeans, trousers, jumpers and shoes, this will become his best friend (don’t blame us when he won’t chuck it out after years of wearing it).

  1. Smartphone Projector filmbuff

If you’ve got a film buff in your life or someone that loves a nifty gadget, but you’re working to a tighter budget, this is bit of kit is going to be a great option. Easy to use and great for a lazy afternoon in. You just need a large blank wall!

  1. Nike Stefan Janoski Max trainers

If you’ve got a bit of a sneakerhead in your life, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Janoskis from Nike. Really light, comfortable and slick, perfect for finishing off any weekend outfits. A little more expensive so you probably need to assess whether he’s really earned it this year.

  1. Ray-Ban Iconic Polarised Clubmasters 


If he has really earned his stripes this year, then get him prepped for the sunshine (it will arrive eventually) with some of the most stylish and iconic sunglasses on the planet. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters are some of the most sought after shades on earth and these even come with polarised lenses to prevent potentially eye-damaging glare.

  1. Brew Your Own Beer Kit 


If you want some peace and quiet on Christmas day, this should keep him occupied for a couple of hours. Ideal for beer lovers, this handy kit gives him the chance to really earn a beverage by brewing his very own.

  1. The Idle Man x Mi-Pac Xmas Stocking


Got a guy that likes to take care of his facial fuzz and barnet? Or needs to learn how to keep it all in shape? You can’t fail with this sweet collection of grooming products, all with an included stocking provided by bag-specialists Mi-Pac.

  1. Triwa Blue and Silver Nevil Watch 



Even in this age of smartphones and smarter watches, you really can’t fail with a classic timepiece. Triwa offer that timeless appeal but with the modern finishes to deliver a watch that will last him years to come.

  1. Grilled Cheese Book


I don’t think I need to tell you why this will be a good present. It’s a whole book on grilled cheese. Grilled. Cheese.

  1. Mi-Pac Cardholder


Looking for something that will just fill the stocking a little more but he’ll actually use? Every guy should own a card holder, especially if he spends most of the working week in a suit. It’s not bulky so slips easily into an inside pocket of a blazer, helping to keep its slim shape.

  1. The Idle Man Vintage Rucksack 


Some men need a decent backpack for their daily commutes, weekends away or trips to the gym. Our vintage style rucksacks offer a retro aesthetic but are built with really durable materials to make sure this will last well into the decade.

Luke McCarthy
Luke McCarthy is music and fashion editor of The Idle Man, the UK's first pure-play menswear e-tailer delivering a catered shopping experience for the world's modern man

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