The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Beautiful Eyes

The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Beautiful Eyes

If there’s one thing that every girl dreams of having, it’s the biggest and most beautiful eyes. The size of our eyes is sadly one thing that is pretty difficult, and downright painful, to change. While we can’t change how big our eyes are without a cosmetic procedure, we can fake bigger, more beautiful eyes.

There’s something so amazingly sexy about big doe eyes – don’t you think? Many of us believe that to be gifted when it comes to the look of our eyes, we have to inherit them from a family member. However, that’s not the only option for achieving the most incredible eyes. With the right cosmetics and a skilled approach, you can create the most incredible doe eyes.

Here’s how you can make your peepers the most beautiful in the entire room:

Perfect your eye makeup

The first thing that you need to focus on is your eye makeup. Believe it or not, the eye makeup you wear can affect how big and beautiful your eyes look. So the first thing that you need to do is perfect your makeup, and learn how to use it to enhance those peepers.

Soothe your eyes. If the area under your eyes is often swollen and puffy, before you apply makeup you need to calm it. For soothing puffy bags, you can use specialist calming pads, like these, or you can use anything that’s cold. A bag of ice wrapped in a cloth or refrigerated slices of cucumber will work a treat. Place whatever you choose on your eyes, leave for 10 minutes and then remove.

Hide those dark circles. Those dark bags under your eyes aren’t only unsightly, but they can also make your eyes look smaller. So learning how to mask them properly is crucial. Who would have thought that such a simple thing could make your eyes look larger? Well, as long as you opt for the right concealer that is. To hide dark areas, opt for an under eye concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and has a yellow undertone. Choosing a concealer with a yellow undertone will help to mask any blue areas as it neutralizes them.

Use eyeliner to enhance your lashes. It’s not just mascara that can give your eyelashes a boost, you know; the right eyeliner can also do the trick. Using a liquid liner, apply a thin strip along the waterline of your upper lid. For this, you’ll need a steady and precise hand – practice makes perfect. To make your eye appear a little longer, flick your eyeliner at the end of your eye outwards – this works a treat.

Opt for almond shape eyes. For the lower lashes, use a pencil liner to create an almond shape eye. Start at the inside of your eye, and create a smooth line going outwards. As you come to the middle of the eye, begin to increase the width of the line. (To get rid of any lines that are too harsh, use a cotton bud and smudge them slightly.)

Take care of those lashes


When it comes to making our eyes look big and beautiful, most of us focus on our makeup. However, we also need to think about our eyelash care. That’s right, I said eyelash care. Did you know that just like the hair on your head, your lashes need a little bit of TLC now and then? If you don’t care for your lashes properly, they can thin or even start to fall out – yikes! However, with the right care, you can ensure that your lashes stay healthy and luscious. To make your eyes look bigger, having lots of eyelashes is essential. Without them, your eyes will look small and sunken.


The most important thing that you can do for your lashes is take your makeup off every night. Sleeping in mascara might be the cardinal sin of beauty, but far too many of us admit to doing it. If you want healthy lashes, sleep and mascara should never go together. One night in mascara may not damage your lashes, but do it regularly, and they will suffer. (Mascara plus sleep, equals dry, brittle lashes.) Use a gentle eye makeup remover, or in a real emergency, makeup removal wipes can work just as well.


Give your lashes an extra boost with a conditioning treatment. If you’ve left your makeup on one too many times, a conditioning treatment could be a lifesaver. A couple of treatments with an eyelash conditioner, and your dry and breakage-prone lashes will be a lot happier. There are various conditioners on the market, most of which come in a mascara-like bottle and are applied with a wand. So you’ll have plenty of choice, when it comes to choosing what product to use. Whatever you do, make sure to opt for a conditioner that is as natural and free of chemicals as possible. Eye irritation is the worse, don’t risk it by putting chemicals anywhere near them.

Give your lash length a boost

We all know that our lashes are one of the most crucial factors when it comes to making our eyes look big and beautiful. That’s why, it’s so important that we do everything that we can to keep them looking long and luscious. A popular way to give your lashes a boost is with eyelash growth serum. Not only does this serum increase the growth of your lashes, but also the strength of each hair.

While growth serum has some fantastic benefits, including an increase in growth and strength. For sensitive eyes, it can sometimes cause irritation. That’s why, when it comes to choosing the treatment, you need to be super choosy. To find the best product for your peepers, check out these eyelash growth serum reviews. Your eyes are one of the most important parts of the body, so when it comes to picking products to use, be choosy.

Get curling

Eyelash curling is one of the parts of makeup application that often gets very little credit, but can have some amazing results. Of course, to achieve fantastic results, you need to know how to curl properly, and sadly, many of us don’t. The benefit of curling your lashes correctly is that they will not only look longer but also fuller. Want big, beautiful eyes? Making your lashes appear longer and thicker is a must.

To achieve the perfect curl, you need to learn the best curling method and also, choose the perfect curler. You might think that all curlers are the same, but that’s not the case. There’s a reason professional curlers are more expensive – because they produce a better quality curl. If you want your eyes to look beautiful, investing in a high-quality curler is an absolute must.

It’s also important to choose a curler that fits your eye shape – some curlers won’t work well for all eyes. Before investing in an eyelash curler, read up online and take a look at the reviews to ensure that the one you choose will work well for your eye shape.

Make your mascara count

When it comes to making your eyes look amazingly big, mascara is your secret weapon. While you could opt for false lashes, mascara, when applied correctly can be just as effective. It’s also crucial that you choose the best products to use – paying a little more is often a good idea, as cheap products don’t work as well.

The key is to start off using a thin, precision mascara to coat your lashes. Then, once this has dried, apply a lengthening mascara to elongate your lashes. After applying one coat of lengthening mascara, focus the second coat on the middle of the eye. This is a fantastic trick for making your eyes look a little larger.

What it’s important to remember with mascara, is that lashes coated with a good amount of the product look fantastic. Too much, however, and the lashes will start to clump, which is not a good look. So it’s crucial that you are careful of how much mascara you apply. (For fuller looking lashes without applying too much mascara, add a few fake lashes.)

Achieving beautifully big doe eyes can feel like a pipe dream, especially when you have inherited small eyes. However, with a little creativity when it comes to your makeup, and skilled application, you can make your eyes look big and beautiful.

Start by focusing on your eye makeup and learn how to apply it to enhance how large your eyes look. It’s also important that you take care of your lashes by removing your makeup each evening, and taking the time to condition them on a regular basis. If you fail to do this, your lashes may become dry and brittle, and prone to breaking. To make your eyes look beautifully big, achieving lashes that are long and thick is a must. You can do this by using growth serum, eyelash curlers, and mascara to give your lashes a boost. Beautifully long and thick lashes will make your eyes look amazingly big.

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